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If you take your training seriously you should definitely continue with the free training session number 3 to challenge your body with completely new exercises. Click here for your PDF download of workout directions

What about Crossfit? Is that a program that you think appropriately prepares riders for the winter?

Our training regime is to work out in a circuit mode (which also challenges your endurance), and we also use time intervals – but just as a motivation. For the most exercises our main focus is on keeping a good form throughout the interval. If you can’t continue to perform an exercises in a good, healthy form because you are getting tired you should take a rest! Our aim, unlike cross fit, is not to do as many repetitions as possible no matter what. It is also important not to choose too complex exercises, most people are certainly not skilled for (e.g. there is a VERY complex technique behind a weight lifting “snatch”). To me as a health professional – I am also a physiotherapist – it hurts when I see people working out in bad form. Training like this harms your body more than it will help you, because you will gain compensated movement patterns. To me it is essential to always explain the key points of every exercise to work out in the best possible form. Even a common exercises as a push-up, which is not easy when you do it right, is performed incorrect by many, many people.

Don’t forget to stretch! 

I want to encourage people not to forget to work on their flexibility. If you have a reduced range of motion, try to work on that first. A lack of mobility can lead to compensating movements during training and during your snowboard or splitboard activity. We all wanna be still out in the mountain with 70! So don’t forget that, and also to check your local avalanche report and conditions before heading out to enjoy pow!

Learn more about Bibi and Mitch’s Go-Pro Fitness Program:

Our aim is to build training programs to gain a balanced strong body. We take all muscles our body consists of into consideration and train them evenly. During our sport specific training we train especially for our sport specific needs.

On our website we have general programs for beginners or advanced. We also offer sport specific programs for snowboarders and skiers.  Please also be sure to give us a like on Facebook!


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Alex Showerman

Since I could walk, sliding around on some form of frozen water has been my passion, starting with skiing and hockey, then switching to snowboarding in middle school and never looking back. After moving back to my home state of Vermont, I found that resort riding just wasn't cutting it for me. So I skipped buying a season pass, and bought a splitboard. That first tour was the same ah-ha moment I had when I first strapped on a snowboard in middle school. When not splitboarding, I work in digital media, mountain bike, play hockey and enjoy all of the amazing beers the Green Mountain State has to offer. Look for me to write about gear, trip reports, tips and tricks and other miscellanea such as climate change, often with an east coast bent.