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What is Functional Training:

Functional training is what all athletes are doing these days. It includes the creation or adaption of exercises that, as in real life or real sports, work multiple joints and emphasize the body’s natural ability to move in six degrees of freedom. As a result, this form of training can dramatically improve your performance both in real life and real sports situations! For example if you perform a proper turn on your snowboard, then ALL the muscles – from your ankles up to your core, and further all the way to your arms – have to work together to make that move possible. Functional training also trains important coordination skills and pillar strength that allows you to use your power!

On what you should be doing: 

As a basis you should work to get a certain level of endurance (running, biking, hiking, etc.). On top of that I really recommend to do some specific strength training.

It is important to build power in your legs and core. Usually you are carrying quite a big backpack for longer tours which is hard on your back. Also, when you ride down there is quite an impact on your spine. You need to be able to stabilize these forces in order to ride pain free the years to come! The better your pillar strength is, the more effortlessly, precisely, and effectively your legs will work on your snowboard.

Three workouts to get you started:

These sessions are designed to focus on your legs, core and coordination skills, and can be done stand alone or combine any two for a longer more intense work out! For best results you should do 2-4 of these each week for six weeks or even longer!

Start with our first free session of Functional Training for Snowboarding. On our blog you will find clear instruction on the training and a PDF download with detailed exercises descriptions and photos.

Then move on with training session number two. You can also combine two sessions if you want a longer workout. Visit this link to download your PDF exercise worksheet for Session 2

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Alex Showerman

Since I could walk, sliding around on some form of frozen water has been my passion, starting with skiing and hockey, then switching to snowboarding in middle school and never looking back. After moving back to my home state of Vermont, I found that resort riding just wasn't cutting it for me. So I skipped buying a season pass, and bought a splitboard. That first tour was the same ah-ha moment I had when I first strapped on a snowboard in middle school. When not splitboarding, I work in digital media, mountain bike, play hockey and enjoy all of the amazing beers the Green Mountain State has to offer. Look for me to write about gear, trip reports, tips and tricks and other miscellanea such as climate change, often with an east coast bent.