About G3

Rooted deep in backcountry ski culture, G3's mission has always been to improve your winter backcountry experience. G3 is one of the few remaining and truly authentic, independent winter backcountry brands. Born in 1995 from a desire to build better avalanche probes for professionals who demanded it, G3 emerged from a garage in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We've outgrown the garage, but our commitment to solving problems for backcountry users is stronger than ever. As developers, designers, artists and skiers (and riders), G3 engineers are passionate and focused on pushing the boundaries of how we approach any new product design and development. Unlike the market-share driven brands jumping on the 'backcountry bandwagon', G3 is genuinely committed to bettering backcountry safety and enjoyment. Having held our gear to a higher standard since day one, every G3 product has been pushed to the limits by backcountry professionals using and abusing our gear daily. Thorough quality checks ensure each and every piece of gear meets our higher standard, ready to perform when you need it most. Our engineers won't settle for gear that’s 'just as good' as the next guy.

G3's original Targa binding was revolutionary, changing the telemark industry with interchangeable pre-compressed spring cartridges. Never complacent, we enhanced our already industry leading Alpinist Climbing Skins with proprietary tip and tail connections systems unlike anything on the market.G3 continues to challenge the status quo, maintaining our independence for creativity and design to flourish. With a successful 18-year history, G3 remains 100% committed to making your backcountry experience better and safer, through problem-solving gear innovations.

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G3’s New Website for 2015 Goes Live

Head over to G3's new site to check out their new gear for the 14/15 season.  With everything from Carbon Splitboards, to avalanche tools and award winning skins, chances are G3 has you covered. While...

G3 User Profile Survey

G3 wants to hear from backcountry skiers and snowboarders like you! In an effort to learn more about your wants, needs, and backcountry habits, they've created a User Profile Survey to help them further...

G3’s Show Us Some Skin photo contest

G3 recently launched their Show Us Some Skin contest. Get creative, show some skin, and share your posts for a chance to win a Blacksheep splitboard package! You just have to take pics of your G3 skins in...

G3 Blacksheep splitboard

G3 has been making backcountry products since 1995 and has been giving splitters more attention over the last few years. Their first split-specific product was the Alpinist Splitboard climbing skin which...

G3 Alpinist Splitboard skin video

G3 put together this cool video about their new Alpinist Splitboard Skins. Check out G3 President Oliver Steffen talk about their design philosophy and what makes their skins the most advanced on the...
G3 Aplinist

G3 releases Alpinist Splitboard skins

G3 really stepped up their game this year for splitboarders with the release of their new Alpinist Splitboard Skins. They've improved upon the current offerings available in the market and added a feature...

G3 Genuine Guide Gear

Rooted deep in backcountry ski culture, G3's mission has always been to improve your winter backcountry experience. G3 is one of the few remaining and truly authentic, independent winter backcountry brands....