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The good folks at Karakoram have been hard at work refining their splitboard products and developing new ones. They recently updated their popular splitboard clips, known as K-clips to feature “adjustable tension” and donated a few sets to our readers.

K-clips incorporate a latch-style design and are known for creating a tight tolerance between splitboard halves, virtually eliminating any slop. New for 2013/14 the K-clips feature a small amount of micro-adjustablity allowing the tension to be fine tuned. Over time the tolerance between splitboard halves can loosen so this new adjustability is welcomed and their effect is noticeable. Post in this thread on our forum for a chance to win a set!

Check out Karakoram’s site for more info

We caught up with Karakoram last winter at the tradeshow, here’s a few pics of the new products.

Along with tweaks and improvements to the line, additional highlights include a new lightweight toe strap called Airstrap (70grams), new carbon-reinforced StraightLine binding (stiff…based on input from Josh Dirksen, Xavier de la Rue, Seth Wescott), women’s Split30 binding, redesigned highbacks/Ride Stride/heelcups, and new Flex-Lock system that adds stiffness while side-hilling.

About Karakoram

In 2008 we started off as two brothers in a garage with a home-made CNC mill. Today we’ve grown into a manufacturer with customers worldwide and team of people who define Karakoram. You’re welcome to come by the shop, grab a beer and see how we build bindings.

We are mountain people. We are innovators. We are the builders of our products. Our designs and products are born from our mountain experiences. We are as passionate about our gear as we are about the mountains. We build products that we use. The belief that there is always a better way fuels our drive to create . Even though we are setting new industry standards with our products- we know we can make them even better and we will. We take pride in building each product as if it were our own gear. Our products are built with our own hands. By riders for riders.

We love the mountains. We love creating. We love building our products in North Bend, Washington.

Shop Karakoram was founded in 2004 and is the world’s first splitboard-specific website; uniting splitboarders around the world while creating an active and vibrant online community.