Video: Furberg Snowboards, design concepts and The Hills

These videos explain the ideas behind the unique sidecut radius design used in furberg snowboards. We’ve got our hands on the 162cm and look forward to spending some time on it soon!

And here’s the first and second episodes of their series, The Hills.

splitboard1About furberg Snowboards 

Norwegian snowboard company furberg snowboards was founded by Daniel Furberg in 2009 when his sponsors showed too shallow of an interest in his visions of developing a new snowboard model. After two years of prototype testing, furberg snowboards released THE freeride, a board that features the combination of a long turning radius, a unique rocker profile and a reverse sidecut in the nose and the tail.

With this design, furberg snowboards is at the very forefront of innovation within the snowboard industry. By combining Daniel’s knowledge as both engineer and professional snowboarder, the goal for furberg snowboards is to produce the very best snowboards for freeriding.