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“Editors Note: If you happened to miss the RedBull exclusive premiere of “Nipple Deep,” we’ve saved you the trouble of tracking down the five episodes. Watch the True Color Films crew as they search the world for “Nipple Deep” powder.

Featuring the riding of Stephan ‘Mu’ Maurer, Lisa Filzmoser, Alvaro Vogel, Nicholas Wolken, Levi Luggen, Aurel Anthamatten and David Bertschinger Karg, Nipple Deep is all about riding disgustingly deep powder.

Episode 1 – Alaskan Camp Out

“First stop: Alaska. The ultimate proving ground for any rider, Alaska is as wild and raw as it gets – especially when you choose to not only ride in the mountains, but to camp there too. Dropped off by plane, that’s exactly what the crew did: pitch their tents at the base of the mountains and access the peaks via splitboard.” – Jason Horton

Episode 2 – Stevens Pass Washington, Visit Your Friends

“When it comes to snowboarding, there’s only one thing better than travelling to a place with tons of fresh powder waiting – having the locals show you the goods when you get there. And what better place than Stevens Pass, Washington State? Just a 90-minute drive from Seattle, with all those storms blowing in off the Pacific and dropping their guts all over the Northern Cascades mountain range, Stevens Pass is the kind of place you can shred the deepest of pow all day and still make it back into the city in time to catch Pearl Jam at the Showbox (although you kinda missed your window with Nirvana). Or, in this case, hang out with a hard-riding, hard-partying crew of locals who live to ride the Pass.” – Jason Horton

Episode 3 – Tailgate Alaksa

“Tailgate Alaska is a 10-day-long festival held each year in a purpose-built parking lot in the heart of Alaska’s famous Chugach Mountain Range. The goal of Tailgate is to make snowboarding and skiing in Alaska practical, affordable, and safe for anyone who’s dreamed of riding the best mountains on Earth. Everyone sleeps in RVs, and there’s an amazing sense of camaraderie, as experienced shredders and sledders share their knowledge with the new arrivals.” – Jason Horton

Episode 4 – Engadin Switzerland – Swiss Air

“As much as I love traveling and exploring I do love to do that around home. The sick winter we had in the Swiss Southern Alps doesn’t happen every year. So it was a perfect opportunity to go out and discover new home turf. And it was a success.” – Markus Keller

Episode 5 – Soul Turns

“A lot of people think that Europe had a pretty bad winter last year… but only because they didn’t know where all the snow was stashed. All that lovely white stuff passed right over the northern Alps and dropped on the southern Alps, in places like Ticino, the Italian-speaking Swiss Canton, home of True Color founder Alvaro Vogel.” – Jason Horton


Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.