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The wait is over splitters, Chimera splits are now available for order! This new Utah-based splitboard company brings innovative ideas and shapes to the market. Check out their new site and sticks now.

If you’ve been our our splitboard forum over the last couple winters you’ve probably seen pics of prototype splitboards being used and built in the Wasatch. Mum was the word during the development stages and the cat was finally let out of the bag last March,

Now the homegrown company is taking orders and is one step closer to getting their innovate concepts and shapes into the market. Check out their new site at

OrbSceptreMaceUnicorn Chaser

About Chimera

Chimera Snow|boards are the first dedicated, splitboard-specific company; we don’t build skis, we don’t even build solids unless it’s to prototype our splits. We are a group of engineers, craftsmen and designers based in the Wasatch. For us, splitboarding is not a sport; it’s our way of life. From the core elements such as shape, construction and materials, to the little things like colors and hardware, Chimera has re-examined splitboard design.

Chimera’s core principles: to build a splitboard that rides like a snowboard; to build a splitboard that is designed to tour, as well as shred; and to build a board that will inspire your confidence in the backcountry.

Many splitboards are clones of resort boards. Design, flex and weight considerations are ignored in order to keep manufacturing simple and costs low. Alternatively, while DIY splits are an easy, affordable alternative for the occasional splitter, the act of sawing in two a board that was cured under heat and pressure releases tension and irreversibly compromises strength and performance. Splitboard performance must overcome obstacles such as additional weight and construction; it must be designed to handle the varying conditions of the backcountry, not the resort. After years of frustration a group of riders decided the time had come to take splitboard design seriously, and to make the best boards they could; Chimera Snow|boards.


KILLERBITES – Chimera’s KILLERBITE concept is not complicated; keep metal edging only where necessary. This results in uncompromised flex and damping protection and edge-bite while reducing swing weight. Both touring and ride performance are improved with light, snappy kicksteps on the track up, and a more responsive, nimble ride down…just like your resort board. Patent Pending

Toe-to-Heel Carbon (THC) Supported – A feature on all Chimera Snow|boards, the entire area from touring bracket to heel riser is reinforced with a support bridge of carbon fiber. This not only protects and preserves the feel of your core over the board’s life but also improves contact and grip in tour mode by minimizing flex underfoot.

Finally, the stiffened toe-to-heel platform, combined with the low swing-weight of the KILLERBITES inside edge, result in lighter, snappier kick-turns.You’ll spare your knees, your strength and your balance, and not lose face in front of the skiers in your crew.

Non-stick Topsheets – We flipped it around. An ultra thin layer of UHMW (‘P-Tex’) is the Chimera material of choice for topsheets. UHMW will accept a rub-on wax or even a hotwax just like your base material, which helps shed ice and snow when its least wanted; on the track.

Graphic design is also considered in keeping your board as light as possible. Chimera topsheet graphics have been designed to incorporate as much of the color white into the aesthetic as possible. This keeps the board cooler, reduces melting, and therefore cuts down on ice build-up when you hit the shade or are breaking trail.

ROCKER / CAMBER – With rockers, cambers, zero-cambers, early-rises and hybrids of all three, vertical profile designs in snowboarding are now as varied as board shapes. The profile of each Chimera model has been carefully designed around the riding-style of each board.

LongWave – (on: Unicorn Chaser) Early-rise nose, flat under front foot and between bindings, cambered under back foot. Power and agility in turns, big float in powder.

ShortWave – (on: Orb) Early rise nose and tail, cambered under each foot, flat between bindings. The best of both; power and stability on landings and turns, good float with minimal pressure in the back-seat.

NoWave – (on: Sceptre) Early rise nose and tail, flat between bindings. Great float without giving up edge hold and stability.

Traditional Camber – (on: Mace) Gentle early-rise nose and tail, traditional camber between the bindings. Powerful edge hold and turning; the trusted profile for high-speed, high-stability charging. (NOTE: All Chimera profiles come with a minimal amount of pre-camber to account for break-in, and to extend board life.)

Safety bases – Day-glo; it’s not just a regrettable fashion choice. From searching for that lost ski, to making an ‘X’ and waiting for a rescue party, there are times when you may need more than your riding to speak for you. Your black pants and moss shell make you look like a little tree; Chimera’s super-bright base colors may help grab attention when you really need it.

And all that aside…most all of the Chimera staff have been members of for many years showing that our niche community is capable of BIG things. Congrats Chimera! was founded in 2004 and is the world’s first splitboard-specific website; uniting splitboarders around the world while creating an active and vibrant online community.