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An eight part feature presented by Vans Snow and brought to you by Jake Price. Featuring: Siggi Johnson, Nick Kalisz, Forrest Shearer, Ragnar Sigurdsson, Bryan Iguchi, Andre Miller, Jeremy Jones, Asgeir Hoskuldsson, Kohl Christensen, and Otto Flores.

Chapter 1/8
“Ice Land”
Iceland via Defender 110’s

Chapter 2/8
“Ice surf”
A typical day of surfing the point breaks of Mars with @deepwatersurf and @ottoflores

Chapter 3/8
“Mind Surf”
Which would you choose, a first decent on your snowboard or a never before ridden wave? From peak to point break, sit back and relax, choose your own adventure.

Chapter 4/8
“Split Boarding”
A typical day of snowboarding from the Aurora Artika sailing vessel.

Chapter 5/8
“Last Wave”
Start at the top, slash the endless wind ridge wave all the way down to our sail boat in the distance. He’s gone deeper, further, and higher, but now @jeremyjones can check slash to sail off his list.

Chapter 6/8
“To The Beach”
Jumping a waterfall and snowboarding from the peak to the ocean is a very typical run in the NW fjords of Iceland. Follow @bryaniguchi as he heads back to the boat at 2AM after a long day of filming for the #vanssnowvideo

Chapter 7/8
This is @bryaniguchi ’s point of view as he outruns his sluff, jumps over a crevice, and slashes a wave down to the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Chapter 8/8
A sobering homecoming after 10 days in the desolation of Iceland’s northwest fjords. This is the come down.


Colin Balke is a content editor for who lives in Northern California. When not plucking away on a keyboard, he can be found splitboarding, camping, backpacking, or hanging out with family and friends.