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  • in reply to: Can’t wait to try my home-made splitboards! #591569

    Wow, just found this and I had to say, killer job. LOVE the topsheet and base graphics, especially with the BART thrown in there.

    I’m light, I’d love to take a test ride on one of those things!

    Did you go to CCA? Did you take NPD with UC Berkeley? I have given some lectures for that NPD class in rapid prototyping in the last few years.

    Hope to see more this sweet work in the future.

    in reply to: Random Book Reviews #599871

    Oh yeah, and David Carle is great too. He wrote the Field Guide to Water in California that was published through UC Press. I got my copy from Cody’s for $17 and it was worth every cent. GREAT book to take with you when backpackging through the Sierra or Cascades too because you get to relate the mountain ranges to all the watersheds and lost wetlands.

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    @mmcpheet wrote:

    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water by Marc Reisner
    This is a classic for those interested in water and the settling of the west. It describes in great detail the Army Corps of Eng., Dept. of Reclaimation, LA Water District and other agencies fleecing of the tax payers inorder to get dams built throughout the 1940-60’s. If your interested in this kind of historical stuff you’ll love it, if not you be bored to death.

    I’ll have to pick this one up. Water and the California Dream by David Carle is along those same lines, but focuses more on the Los Angeles area and the resources that sustain it beyond what would be there if local sources were used.

    I can’t recommend this enough. It’s part hydrogeology lesson part political history. The history stuff can get boring if you’re not into it. The science stuff can get boring if you’re not into it. If you want to know why things are the way they are, it’s fascinating as all hell.

    This book literally changed my life. Once you combine the information in this book with knowledge of our food and energy resources, you realize that we have some serious challenges at home and abroad in meeting our societal needs.

    A much less academic book that gets at these issues all over the world is called When the Rivers Run Dry by Fred Pearce. His writing style is colloquial and he always finds a way to relate facts that may have little context to the average person to things that people understand. The book really highlights our relationship with watersheds from multiple perspectives, from politics to engineering to cultural traditions.

    in reply to: PSA: SLT & NorCal – Lake Tahoe Community College AIARE C #599833

    Sage words, mtnman.

    David Beck teaches the Winter Survival and one-day Avalanche basics class and he isn’t a big fan of AIARE training because he thinks it’s very heuristic (if A then B) as opposed to getting people into the Bruce Temper “think like an avalanche” mantra. I’m not so into non-analytical pedagogy either, but for $40 it’s more things to throw into the training portfolio.

    For more intensive training, Beck recommended AAA courses:

    (Also, I previously and incorrectly assumed that ridepow had recently moved to Tahoe …)

    in reply to: PSA: SLT & NorCal – Lake Tahoe Community College AIARE C #599828

    nevada resident “good neighbor” fees are $28 a unit:

    This, plus $4 in quarter fees makes the class just under $50.

    You should be able to submit an application online, and I recommend you do that before registering tomorrow so that you can get your ID# and pin#

    I don’t remember what I did for a major … if Continuing Education was an option I may have put that, or whatever, Wilderness Education works too =)

    in reply to: PSA: SLT & NorCal – Lake Tahoe Community College AIARE C #599825

    @ride_pow wrote:

    I actually emailed the college about the level 1 last night. Its a great deal. Haven’t heard back yet.

    What did you need to know? Their online registration system is super easy but I think it only works from 7 AM to 11 PM or something like that. Pay by credit card.

    … funny, I didn’t realize the thread titles get truncated. The text entry box allows more characters than the actual thread title can handle!

    in reply to: South Lake Tahoe ski lease – $1100 #599056

    Bumping because we are trying to finalize the group and all the financial stuff this week and we have 1 or 2 spaces that we want to fill.

    If you’re going to be in Tahoe BC, the Heave, or Kirkwood this season and want to be in a house with a nice blend of resort and backcountry folks, give me a PM. The house is available starting Friday 11/30 and going through April. Be ready for the next storm cycle!

    This house is humongous – I was there this weekend and walked around. It’s pretty damn big and we’ll have a lot of space. The hot tub fits at least 6 people and looks right out onto the Tahoe Keys waterfront. I paced out the house (didn’t have a tape measure) but it looked like 70 feet by 25 feet and 2-stories tall for lots of sq. feet! … and we’re planning 13 full-time members in the group total so I expect plenty of room for everyone to relax and stretch out.

    So in summary:
    -It is going to rock
    -You need a place to sleep before and after you ski — one with ample room and a nice hot tub is even better
    -Send me a PM!

    in reply to: South Lake Tahoe ski lease – $1100 #599055

    @mmcpheet wrote:

    And Chipotle? When you’re that close to the mission or even pancho villas at pier 1 . 😉

    I’d be with you if I still ate meat. Chipotle, however is one of the best options for vegetarian burritos. Grilled onions and bell peppers, black beans, rice, guacamole, corn salsa, and spicy salsa – every time.

    Otherwise, hell yeah, al pastor or carnitas at good ol’ Pancho Villa’s.


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    @mmcpheet wrote:

    Sounds like a cool place.

    Out of curiosity, do you happen to work for big blue at 245 market/77 beale?

    Close, but not exactly.

    They ARE, however paying our rent. We won the California Cleantech open (a competition for energy-related startups) and the prize was one year of office space in the Financial District. They wanted to put us up in the 245 Market building, but ended up leasing space for us at 50 1st Street. Needless to say, when they stop paying the bills we will no longer be located in the heart of the Financial District 🙂

    I’d direct you to our website but it really doesn’t say much about what we do yet. In short: wireless lighting controls (retrofit or new construction) that can save 50% of commercial lighting energy and a lot of money in facility management benefits. Adura Technologies.

    Do YOU work at 245 Market / 77 Beale?

    When I was standing in line at Chipotle 2 hours ago I recognized quite a few people who do 🙂

    in reply to: DIY Splitboard Question #592893

    Thanks for the beta mang.

    Once I had trouble with the drill I started to really doubt the power of that saw …

    I’ll try again and come back with an updated rip report!

    in reply to: DIY Splitboard Question #592891

    Trying to split a 2001 Burton Supermodel … no pics, maybe I’ll put them up later.

    1) Didn’t file or score the edges at the tip and tail. I DID tape them down okay so it only blew out an inch, but that really didn’t make a difference because

    2) On the old model Supermodel there is a little metal cap under the tip edge that is engraved with the word “SUPERMODEL.” I basically ripped that entire thing out with the blade.

    3) The circular saw 5.5″ blade was carbide tipped, but really a wood-cutting blade with big jagged teeth. So after my experience with the edge I realized, crap, Burton binding patterns have screw inserts running down the middle!’ I cut up about 10 inches to the board and start to figure my options.

    3.5) Totally didn’t think about the fiberglass layer, so I cleaned up and took added precautions after this point.

    4) I decide to see if I can drill out the screw mounts since I’m not confident about the saw blade. The problem was the depth on my drill press wasn’t very long so that I had to hand drill those suckers. I could get the threads out with a small drill, but I as I upsized my drill bits weren’t sharp & strong enough to really do those by hand. Those are some thick and burly f’ing threaded inserts! 3/4″ outside diameter hardened metal … who knew? I think the saw blade I had would have ripped those things out of the base or something. One bummer was that I accidentally drilled all the way through one of the inserts and put a hole through my base.

    5) So I go to a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade (non-carbide). I cut through half of one insert basically destroyed the blade. And the jigsaw has a different kerf than the circular saw, so my cut is kind of discontinuous from the first one I made. I’m hoping that I can do a few coats of epoxy to get that thing flush when it’s all said and done.

    So … tomorrow I’m going to look for either a diamond jigsaw blade or a diamond circular blade, but I probably won’t have the money to swing for the circular blade. I don’t know how the heck jimw cut his split fish without having any problems on the threaded inserts!

    I’m pretty sure I’ll get this thing set up eventually, but definitely won’t be the prettiest board for my first split. 😳

    in reply to: Can u split a Lib-Tech? #598004

    @Shep wrote:

    I don’t know what this air core is, exactly, but it has to have SOMETHING inside it. The answer is, you can split anything, but how much more work do you have to do to make it stand up to normal abuse?

    Haha, I own two Burton T6’s and my friends always joke around about trying to split that. NO thanks 😆

    I would be insanely curious of a TR if anyone tried that though. I am learning the hard way about what (not) to do when self-splitting right now, and a T6 would just be that much crazier!

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