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  • in reply to: what is good riding style? #608088

    @kjkrow wrote:

    Are those solid, non-collapsible poles?

    I wish. It would be much cooler if they were solid, and pink. It would only add to my style.

    Which is still way less cool than snowboarding-with-a-guitar style. That’s just stylus maximus right there. Jim, next time you should unpack the gigbag and drop some chords *and* turns at the same time!

    in reply to: Any Bay area peeps checking out the latest Absinthe film? #607793

    I’ll be shocked if it sells out. I’ve never been to the Roxie, but …

    It’s a snowboard film

    in the Mission district

    in September

    I think we’ll be okay 🙂

    in reply to: what is good riding style? #608086

    Sometimes you want to hang back, sometimes you want to charge.

    Sometimes you want to jib, sometimes you want to carve.

    Sometimes you want to slash and destroy, katana blade style!

    (skier666 photo)

    That one’s for the pole-hating purists out there

    in reply to: Any Bay area peeps checking out the latest Absinthe film? #607791

    Dropping the class (actually I didn’t make it off the wait list) …

    So I’m down to go if any peeps want to meet up for beers and burritos beforehand!

    in reply to: Any Bay area peeps checking out the latest Absinthe film? #607790

    shit, *this* Thursday? can’t believe they’re starting already, TGR and WM usually don’t hit till Veterans’ Day.

    I might be convinced to go, depends if I stay in this writing class or not. If I don’t drop it on Tuesday, then I can’t make the showing. So, I’ll make a decision later this week.

    Any other bay area splitters? StornTrooper????

    in reply to: Monk151 is one talented M.F.’er #583973

    Mmmm, banana split, looking so good right now.

    Well done with the inside edges monk that always impresses me. Have you ever set an inside edge on a burton? I imagine the stupid binding inserts would be a supreme PITA.

    in reply to: Snowboard Compatible Mountaineering Packs #605341

    @kjkrow wrote:

    Right on, let us know what you think after you get to load it up for a while. Just from looking at the pictures, it reminds me a bit of the Mountainsmith packs in terms of basic design and layout.

    I haven’t loaded it up and tested the suspension at all. I’m planning on using it as a four season pack, so it will get some test on some realllllly easy overnight backpacking trips in October.

    First impressions:
    -pack is a bit overdesigned, probably one of the main culprits in its heavy weight (5.5 pounds):
    –there are dual compression straps for top, bottom, and sides, in addition to the snowboard holding straps
    –hypalon used is very thick, as the other fabrics of the shell tend to be as well – generally thicker than I have seen on other winter packs
    –there is an excessive amount of hypalon for the shovel handle/ice axe holding system, there is no need to completely enclose an ice axe handle or shovel handle in a sleeve of hypalon
    –there are separate ski straps (rubberized polymer with metal hooks) in *addition* to the side compression straps
    –there is a separate waistbelt built into the top lid, it may be removable for weight savings or useful in first aid improvisation (I tend to carry extra straps for this purpose and others)
    –there is a nylon flap that is used to securely attach the top lid if you expand the contents of the main pocket vertically … considering there are front and back compression straps for the top lid this piece of fabric is uneccesary
    –the included rainfly buckles into (it’s removable) and is stored in its own special compartment at the bottom of the pack

    -a positive of the overdesign is that it gives an impression of “bombproofness”

    -but, the quality of the materials for the suspension system does not look like it rivals that of trusted brands such as TNF, Osprey, etc. The suspension looks decently designed (dual load stabilizers on the hip belt) and overall looks lightweight actually, but I question the foam padding and the breathable mesh covering used, we will see after I load about 40 pounds into it

    -there *is* front access to the main pocket through a side zipper, this is awesome!

    -there *is* a separate zippered pocket that goes behind your board/shovel that can be used to store all your avy-specific gear for quick access, this is exciting as well!

    -You need at least a 30″ waist, any smaller and the hip belt runs out of tensioning

    -it has a grommeted port for your hydration hose, and a clip on the shoulder strap for your hose. Those clips are a pet peeve of mine because they will break the first second your beater. I removed the clip and am going to use a large key ring … blow the water back up the hose, fold the hose below the mouthpiece, and slide the folded end into the key ring to keep in place and keep from freezing.

    Pack Preview Summary:
    -a super compressible, feature rich pack for a great price, but you may get what you pay for in terms of overall quality (still an untested risk)

    in reply to: Sold: 08 Burton split 162 #607738

    pm sent for info

    in reply to: Anyone interested in a group buy for Ptex T-nuts? #607614

    Sweet monk! I’ll send you a PM. On that other thread earlier in the year, it was you looking for the t-nuts, guess you ended up with a whole horde of them huh?

    My friend has a bunch of countersink drills, though I don’t know if he has this specific size or not.

    in reply to: Snowboard Compatible Mountaineering Packs #605339

    I’m bumping this to note that I am taking a chance on a pack company I’ve never heard of, High Peak.

    I think Yoda mentioned in a thread the High Peak Quest 65:

    I have not seen much online about this company and its gear. It’s based out of Renton, WA and the feature design seems to indicate that they have some idea what they are doing. No idea how good the warranty or customer service is. So this is going to be a complete trial for me and I’ll share my results here.

    Here’s the basic summary:
    At 5.5 pounds it’s the heaviest of the ~65-70L class of packs
    Dedicated snowboard carry (appears to be made of hypalon) in addition to 2 side compression straps
    Side ski carry straps that look like they can A-frame a split
    2 sleeve pockets that can carry shovel handle or an ice axe (one in each)
    Removable top lid
    comes with a rain fly
    Adjustable suspension and removable hip belt
    pre-bent aluminum stays

    I got it from, where it is on sale for $80. Plus $3 shipping, minus $8 from a 10% off coupon code, means the pack cost $75. Not a bad price at all! Makes it worth the risk that it turns out to be a lemon of a pack and implodes after a few days on the hill.

    BTW, only has 3 of these packs left.

    in reply to: Voile Production Hole Pattern template #607213

    Seems silly that they don’t give out the dimensions online, since they manufacture almost all of the “special hardware” that sits on that pattern anyway? If I make another split I’m going to need the binding template too – I’m ripping the hardware off the old one.

    Oddly enough, I remember using that pattern on a homemade split and it didn’t fit the Voile crampons – the heel lifter was too close to the touring bracket. I figured that the next time I’d do it I’d put down the touring bracket, then drop the crampon to it and fit the lifter to the crampon.

    in reply to: East Sierra huts? #607442

    Just got back from the east side today …

    Saw a random hut at Duck Lake (kinda near Bloody) this weekend but didn’t snap a photo. It was built into the side of a giant boulder and locked with a fat chain. Anyone know anything about this one? I couldn’t find any info on it.

    in reply to: Arcteryx Silo 50 v. Dakine Guide v. ??? #603436

    @96avs01 wrote:

    Get the Deuter Glide, not the Guide, if you want it for snowsports. I have one, very happy with the features including both vertical and A-frame carry methods. On sale here.

    Glide looks great … but not big enough for overnight. I think I could make do with 50L overnight, but 35L is only 11L bigger than my daypack. Not enough room for bag, bivy, stove, and food.

    in reply to: Arcteryx Silo 50 v. Dakine Guide v. ??? #603434

    I’m bumping this because I’m slowly amassing my season’s gear over the next 2 months. I figure 50L is just the right size for me for an overnighter. Solid board carry is convenient for me if not taking the split or transitioning before topping out.

    Just looking around on the web, it looks like the candidates are:

    Arc’teryx Silo
    47L capacity, 4 lb. 4 oz.
    $230 retail

    Osprey Exposure
    49L capacity, 3 lb. 10 oz.
    $190 retail

    Dakine Guide
    49L capacity, 5lb.
    $140 retail

    And I couldn’t tell if the Deuter Guide 45+ has vertical carry or not, but I couldn’t find anything about it so probably not. Still, an intriguing bag at 4 lb. 3 oz and $140 retail

    Silo looks pricey to me. Exposure looks well designed but I’ve seen complaints against durability of the newer materials on Dakine Guide looks pretty interesting, unsure if the suspension is really adaptable to my frame and it weighs in as the heaviest of the bunch. I don’t like to be a weight weenie to the point of nerdiness, but I only weigh 130 pounds and carrying weight really wears me out when it’s hot and sunny.

    If anyone knows whether the Deuter Guide can be rigged without too much difficulty I’d love to know. The reviews on that pack are otherwise good and I like the balance of features – not too spartan or too overloaded/clumsy. Gear loops, lash points, nice looking bottom pocket, combination of side and back panel compression straps. And only $140 retail.

    I like the look of the Jansport Whittaker – wished they had a smaller version coming out.

    Any other known products on the market?

    in reply to: Healing vibes for liketoride #606950


    heal up Buffy! Get yer PT in and snow will be here before you know it!

    in reply to: Season Closeout 2008 – Chapter TR #606725

    This TR needs more props. I mean, it got more love on TGR than on here, how can that be!!!

    Props to all involved! It’s great stoke to hold over for the summer. I’ll keep re-reading this one every few weeks until October …

    in reply to: if you lost 1/2 a split on hood #606234

    You know, I did that once at Gaylor. It was sucky, but funny as hell. Luckily the corn made it easy to follow the single, yet wide, ski track halfway down to where it was stuck in a tree …

    in reply to: spring has sprung in AK #606092

    holy cow, that’s an intense trip to be doing solo … well done and glad you made it back home safe!!! 😯

    thumbs up!

    in reply to: Memorial Weekend *assen Shuttlefest #606043

    I think I will graciously decline this invitation. Have a great time folks, take some sweet photos (I don’t need to ask, I know you guys will).

    in reply to: Eastern Sierras #585513

    Is anyone else a little sketched about this weekend’s conditions?

    If reports are correct, it’s looking low to mid-40’s at high altitude (~9,000 feet) overnight. Clear skies and wind can help bring snow freezing temp back up a bit, but I dunno about mid-40’s.

    I dunno, it’s my first BC season so I’m still a dunce about this stuff, but I’m not sure what’s gong to be fun or safe to ride this weekend on the Eastside or the lower Cascades.

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