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    I once did a rough calculation where 1mm at the alu backstop=1 degree of inclination.
    You can also use a smartphone app like Clinometer to get an idea of the angles on your previous setup vs the TLT6.
    But of course making small changes + test riding is the best option.

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    Ok,thx WhitePine and Buell.

    I have lowered the lower boot ankle guards by 1cm on both sides and i have cut slots.
    Only on the inside(medial?) and not too deep (11’5cm from bootsole).
    Tested this morning at indoor ski (sad i know,but great for testing πŸ™‚ and it feels very good.
    Going to cut the same depth on the outside and deepen the inside to the same height as the pivot.

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    Great post WhitePine.

    When you traversed with your softened TLT’S:
    Did you use a fully unlocked cuff (open top buckle)?
    or the “locked cuff+unlocked walk mode” trick? (closed top buckle but not engaging the fwrd lean lock)

    The full Phantom mod makes me drool because it looks like it will definitely make the boot very surfy in sideflex,but i am wary of traversing in Euro conditions with a too soft boot.
    We are skinning on 125mm wide “skis” and it often feels sketchy even on a non modified TLT6.

    I have just removed the rivets on my TLT6’S and i am planning how much to soften them.
    I am a fan of the “snowsurf” style of riding that seems to be spearheaded by the Japanese.
    See the Snowsurf movie trailer here
    My fave softboot carver Hiroyuki Akahori

    And the supercool Korua Shapes guys

    What is pretty obvious in all these riders is that they have a big amount of motion available in their ankles,both forward and sideways flex.

    My forward flex is perfect now on the TLT6.
    I have removed the extra tongue and i use only the bottom part of the alu backstop,and there are only 8mm of plastic at the top.Been riding like this for quite a bit and no problems at all.

    But lateral flex is not so good,and it is very important to be able to move your knees sideways in this style.Mostly the back knee inwards.

    I am going to start by lowering the lower boot ankle area a bit.
    Not decided wether to make a couple holes on the inside of the cuff or add “flex cuts” on the lower boot.

    Maybe the answer will be a 3 part splitboard like these
    or the Salomon 3 part model.

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    I have removed the original forward/back lean alu limiter and replaced it with a DIY bottom only alu piece.
    This increases the forward flex pretty much to the boots limit and it lets me get down low on toeside carve initiations,i like it.
    I have ridden like this for a couple days,no signs of harm to any part of the boot so far.

    in reply to: How fast uphill are you? #791101

    Wow Mansi,at those speeds you are perilously close to Fullbody Lycra territory…slow down!! πŸ™‚

    Thx to everybody who answered,not knowing other splitboarders yet i wanted to know what the usual climbing speeds were .I think i’m doing Ok.
    Hope to get some good spring corn days next week…unless it keeps snowing.Powder>Corn but it is making everything crazy unstable.

    Last days of resort riding,i’m learning so much every day,little terrain features that i would have ignored on skis are a blast on the snowboard :).

    in reply to: Phantom Solo Cleats #790833

    The board hooks are Keffler made too right?.
    Like Voiles but adjustable?

    in reply to: What is everybody’s transition time? #790792

    Today was my second splitboard outing.
    In perfect spring conditions,no wind,no cold,no ice i managed 13min .Ahem.

    Guess i need some more practice.
    If you come splitboarding with me please bring something to read. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Dynafit TLT6 MOD Thread #790764

    I have tried to replicate what you describe at home (spoiler moving before inner piece) but i have not been able to.Neither with my foot in the boot or by hand.Not saying it is impossible but unless your calves are very thin at the bottom and bulge a lot at the spoiler height i cannot see this happening easily.
    But you have me worried πŸ™‚
    So i have made a jury rigged lever safety that doubles as closed cuff & walk mode…it is kinda crude but i was in a hurry.
    It will not help you if the problem is as you describe though.

    in reply to: The Wasatch #790737

    True snowboard mountaineering,very impressive riding.
    The couloir names are perfectly fitting,that is very acid terrain.

    in reply to: First time splitboarding #790702

    Nice Marc! Perfect equipment choices! It’s great to hear that snowboarding will keep you in the mountains.
    And welcome to the forum!

    Always nice to see some fellow Europeans on here!

    Thx Schwalb,it took some work but i managed not to miss this season.And i am not missing skiing as much as i thought.This is fun.
    Hoping to get some good spring riding!.

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    I have used them only for a week of resort snowboarding plus one splitboarding day.
    I ride the cuff very loose and i have not had that problem.
    I would check that there is no interference from the pant cuff as you transition from toeside to heelside.
    As a last resort i would fashion some kind of cuff lever safety lock that would keep it closed when riding,something that was not much of a hassle to do/undo.A lenght of paracord tied to the lever tip and attached to the cuff with velcro maybe…
    I might try something like this just as a preventive measure,loosing back support could be fatal in a bad spot.

    in reply to: First time splitboarding #790642

    Wow looks really nice! Where have you been, tyrolean alps?
    I ride Phantoms, too, on a Lab carbon split. It’s really a killer setup!

    No Alps πŸ™‚
    That is Valle de Aran in the spanish Pyrenees.There is a ski resort called Baqueira-Beret nearby.
    Not much snowpack thickness this season but the quality was surprisingly good,avalanche risk at 1 (i have never seen a 1 with powder…) and great sun and temp.

    I am so glad i risked buying this largely unknown setup.When i asked other splitboarders around here they knew nothing about Phantoms+Hard(but soft:) boots.They mostly recommended against it for millions of reasons…which were all wrong πŸ™‚

    in reply to: First time splitboarding #790583

    Gorgeous first day. How did you end up on TLT6s, Phantoms and an Amplid Milligram straight off?

    Yup,kind of dreamy (and pricey) setup i know…

    I have been a skier for 40 years but my left knee (broken 3 times) has become unstable for serious skiing.
    I almost dislocated it again last February and i decided to call it quits and switch over to snowboard.
    I had ridden before (two seasons ,about 15 years ago…) but the transition is going great.
    I already had TLT6’s for rando skiing and i know how important weight/stride is for the uphill so the Phantoms+Milligram seemed like a good choice…and they are,they work together so nicely!.
    BTW the Milligram i got for 850€ at Sport Conrad,still expensive but good price vs the +1000€ they cost normally.
    Selling some ski gear (i have lots of it after so many years) has helped too.

    in reply to: Dynafit TLT6 MOD Thread #790343

    I have finished modding my TLT6’s and they are riding great.Thanks to everybody co contributed to this thread….it works!.
    I have pretty much copied what everybody else has done with just a couple tweaks.Here goes:
    -For the forward flex i filed the alu brackets from the “most forward lean” postition.You can always file down the bottom part if it is too much.After testing i filed about 0.5mm on my front foot to raise the position a bit.
    To increase the forward travel available i rounded both the top of the alu bracket and the top of the alu cuff lever insert.This gives you a lot more travel,almost to the point where the cuff will press on the shoe part of the boot.

    To soften the cuff i copied the idea of lowering the cuff buckle (non lever part) to reduce tension on the cuff top.I added a plastic layer (from an old ski boot) to make room for an additional screw to spread the loads as the boot plastic here is very thin…

    I did not get the green tongues so i softened the black ones by removing 1 cm along both sides.Good scissors cut them fine,sand the edges and you are done in minutes.They give a nice progressive resistance which i like.

    I put a bit of plastic tubing hanging from a string on the cuff levers,so i can close the cuff without locking the walk mode.Million ways to skin this cat ,this one works nicely with gloves on.A pant cuff will do in a pinch too…

    The initial riding impression was a bit “raw” compared to softboots (Flow Helios),not harsh or restrictive at all but like a lot more info was coming through my feet from the board.
    This feeling is very addictive,like driving a sports car vs a cadillac.
    I have tested them on Phantom bindings and K2 Joy driver 162 (front foot +26,back foot -4) and it carves,ollies and rides switch wonderfully on the groomed.Really happy with the setup.
    Next week i hope to ride some soft stuff on an Amplid Milligram :).

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