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    I just wanted to post in this thread, and thank you all for sharing, as I’ve read it before attempting my first ever a little bit more serious repair.

    I have a Jones Flagship that I botched a landing pretty bad with jumping going full speed in a resort (and yes, of course right under the chair lift). Needless to say, I didn’t ride more that day, as my mouth tasted like blood from the hard impact to my chest.
    When landing, I had too much weight on my front foot, resulting in the board digging down in the hard piste, sending me forward to the ground full speed.

    The boards top sheet cracked on the toe-side a little bit in front of the binding, just as tip starts to raise.

    On closer inspection then I got home, it seemed like the core was not that badly damaged, so I had good hopes to succeed with a repair.
    top sheet damage

    The flex still felt intact, but I was worried of the status of the core, and that water would get in eventually unless I did a proper fix.

    The board itself is have been having quite a lot of use, and I didn’t feel bad for cutting it up (and failing) the repair.
    center of board

    I started by marking andthen removing as much of topsheet as I could with a regular knife.
    marked for removal
    removal by knife

    It still looked as if the core bad made it!
    most topsheet removed

    Then I proceeded with removing the rest of it with sharper tools, and also made the edges och the cut a little cleaner. I stopped when I got down to a layer which felt solid (not porous) and didn’t have any damage.
    almost clean core

    As I had bought some carbon weave intended for another project, I thought I might as well try that instead och buying something else.
    carbon fiber cut out

    I then proceeded to sand down the area a little bit, until it felt even enough. At this point it looks like the core did get some damage as well, but if so very minor.
    sanding the area
    minor damage to core?

    Might have been too much resin, but it’s my first attempt at something similar.
    patch with resin

    Removing some of the excess weave and resin at the edges, and sanding down until smooth.
    removing excess resin
    sanding it smooth

    At this point I just had to seal the resin of with something which does not turn yellow in the sun, and that would make it look slick! After which it received multiple round of sanding with increasingly smoother papers.
    painted and polished

    At this point I WA quite happy with the result!
    I quite like the rough look it got with that patch, I’m not the one being shy about abusing my boards 😀

    Thank you all once more for posting the work you do, it really helps looking at to get started!

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