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  • in reply to: Jones Ultracraft splitboard for 2013/14 @ 5.5lbs! #666021

    @acopafeel wrote:

    acopa, isn’t your foot supposed to sit back on skis??? All my splits are like that

    It definitely sits farther back than I am used to. If I raise my foot, the nose of the ski immediately drops because of the weight difference (ski length in front of the pin vs behind the pin).

    I took a small outing on the board this morning and definitely noticed the increased difficulty of kick-turns on the steeps. It just isn’t as easy to ‘pop’ that heel and get your tip elevated.

    I was more curious if anybody else noticed this, as I have not seen the complaint anywhere.

    A very fun ride though!

    I recall one or a few people mentioning how they thought it was odd that the toe pin/mount was located to the rear of the skis balance point in one of the “Jones boards” or “Hovercraft” threads a year or so ago.

    It was also discussed that the Jeremy and the testers had tried and tested it and believed that was the best place for it to be mounted.

    To me it looks like they tried to put your foot (in tour mode) directly over the center of the camber part of the board, so that when you weight down onto a foot it presses down on the center of the camber which would then spread your weight over the whole ski and give your climbing skin max grip. Which seems logical… for grip.

    But ya, because the nose & front rocker of the Hovercraft is so long it pushes your feet back behind the balance point in order to hit the center of the camber, as a side effect, my Hovercraft also tends to submarine the nose of the skis in tour mode when you are going up steep and deep terrain. My topsheet is starting to get pretty beat up around the edges from me clicking the skis together to try and knock the snow off on heavy snow days… Of course, I don’t actually care what the top sheet looks like as long as it keeps kicking ass on the way down…

    Other times the long nose and rocker at the front will cause the skis to happily ride up on top and it’s a pleasure in these situations! I wonder if the lighter weight of the Ultracraft would improve this?

    I would actually be curious to see some helmet/POV cam footage of Jeremy skinning on the Hovercraft to see how he does it. I wonder if we’re just doing it wrong? Or if he is just so fit that he doesn’t even notice the drag when the skis bury themselves.

    Disclaimer: I have only ever skinned on the Hovercraft… so the above is merely observation of it’s behavior… not a comparison to anything else.

    Maybe we’re getting a bit off topic for an Ultracraft thread here (talking about the Hovercraft so much). I do want to add that I think the concept of creating the Ultracraft board as two split skis designed to work together, instead of one solid board designed to be carved in half actually sounds like a pretty good idea. You would be able to control stiffness, etc. much more accurately.

    But I am also worried about the complications that will come along with that design, such as fit. How accurately will they be able to fit the two pieces together in mass production? Especially with the mellow magnatraction wave in the center? I hope their quality control can keep up with this concept, because I still want to see these boards around for years to come… (I might kill/wear out my Mountain Twin one day and will need a replacement!)


    in reply to: Who puts the parts in the boxes? #667149

    @CassMT wrote:


    they is hi…wild guess


    (except I would have spelled it with a “gh” at the end). :thumpsup:


    in reply to: Whistler area/lower BC mainland split partner #660930

    Hello, I’m in Vancouver (downtown). Have completed AST1. I work Mon-Fri but try to ride on weekends as much as possible. Last year was my first year in the back country so I’ll be leaning towards mellow adventures/day trips this year… but I’m a fairly advanced rider, so steeper stuff won’t necessarily send me running away either.

    However I don’t currently have a car, so I am limited to locations that the Greyhound bus goes to (generally Whistler village). If you’re planning any trips starting from Whistler village or if I can bum a ride with you from Whistler in the morning (will pitch gas money, of course), then let me know and I’ll probably join you!

    You guys can e-mail me at: mighty(dot)hp(dot)sauce(at)gmail(dot)com

    Just put something obvious like “splitboard” or “splitboard trip” in the subject line… so I don’t automatically assume the e-mail is junk & delete it.


    in reply to: Further #657969

    @HikeforTurns wrote:

    Agreed on all fronts. Did Terje put on the split for a couple skinning photo ops? He rode everything on his solid.

    Terje is on the Burton team, sponsored by Burton. Do you think he carried a 2nd solid Burton board around the whole time because he liked the extra weight? Or do you think he was told that he was obliged to ride his sponsors board?

    I know what I think and it’s not the first option.


    in reply to: Surprisingly good film #659911

    I second the above, “Choose Your Adventure” is definitely worth the watch.

    Skiing on rocks in a neck brace at the beginning is definitely the funniest part (but someone else already mentioned that in a different thread).

    Or maybe the part where Bob Athey is talking about how he went from drugs to alcohol?


    in reply to: Further #657922

    Anyone around here going to see the late showing in Vancouver on Fri Oct 5th? Or am I the only one downtown?


    in reply to: Further premier Seattle rollcall #658760

    @prior_rider wrote:

    What’s with the summer ski porn? I know the ski industry likes get us buying stuff as soon as possible, but it’s a little early for the stoke.

    Used to be these TGR movies made the rounds in late October. I would think there would be better attendance and ticket sales if it were later.

    It snowed at the top of Whistlerblackcomb yesterday… Summer is dead to me, bring on the snow porn!

    But seriously… Maybe they are just stopping in more tour destinations now-a-days, so they have to start earlier? If you actually look at their tour ( they’ve got a pretty full schedule right up to the beginning of January basically.

    If they started that in later October, they would still be touring until March & would have no time to film their next movie!


    in reply to: Never Wet #654653

    I put a nice coat of RainX on the right side of my board (so the left ski while touring) on Thursday night and then went out on Friday for some laps.

    After the first skin up (on the S.W. side, where there was more sun hitting the board & snow), I noticed no difference at all between the 2 halves.

    After the second skin up (on the shady N.E. side), I was surprised to see that the RainX’d ski (on the left in the below photo) actually had MORE snow stuck to it.

    There might be certain conditions where the RainX works… But personally I’m going to try other things in search of better results.


    in reply to: Hovercraft Split #645440

    @PUNKY wrote:

    G3 Split Skins size small measure 131cm from material tip to material tail.

    I have the tail clip extended all the way on its strap leaving almost 8″ of base exposed before the taper of the skins tail is included. Did I get the wrong size skins?

    Ill try to upload a pic of the tail soon

    I took my 156 Hovercraft Split into the store and we held the small & medium sized G3 skins against the base.

    The small ones:
    Looked like how you described, with the tail clip extended all the way out to the end of the strap and lots of board would be exposed.

    The medium ones:
    Looked like they would cover right from tip to tail nicely. With the tail clip slid right up near the skin material (leaving lots of strap to hang over the back.

    Ultimately I purchased the medium sized skins, because I figured the 156cm length of the Hovercraft would be the shortest splitboard length I will ever own… I decided there was much higher chance of me being able to re-use the medium sized skins on a longer (non swallow tail style) board if I ever decide to add to the quiver.

    But I regret that decision. And if I could go back in time I would seriously consider getting the small size instead.

    Because with the mediums, the tail clip has to be adjusted so close to the skin material that there is not enough rubber strap material between the clip & the skin to do any stretching!

    So if you use the size hole adjustment that makes the clip fit snug, you can get one side of the clip over the tail fine, but then you have to fucking reef on the other side with all your might to stretch the little bit of rubber enough to get the other side of the clip on. I actually carry a hook shaped tool to hook in there and pull/pry on them now, because I just couldn’t do it consistently/quickly with gloves on.

    And if you use the next bigger size hole adjustment? The clip doesn’t apply any pressure to the tail of the snowboard at all. It just rattles around & you might as well cut it off.

    So the best answer is probably to buy the mediums, cut them a bit shorter and then add a clip back on there.

    But I do not believe you made a grave mistake when buying the smalls.


    in reply to: Never Wet #654649

    @maniacdave wrote:

    Anyone ever tried RainX? Was thinking of giving that a go on both the top sheet & Sparks.

    I RainX’d half of my Hovercraft split a few months ago (and left the other half untreated)… Did not notice any difference at all, the snow seemed to stick equally (in large amounts) on both sides.

    Disclaimer: I only used a very minimal amount of RainX on the above mentioned first try. I plan to try it again with lots of RainX and see if it helps at all. (infact, maybe I will do that now, since I am going touring tomorrow).

    I also read that Pledge, or any sort of wood treatment/dust remover can help… was thinking to try that next.


    in reply to: Hovercraft Split #645428
    Participant wrote:

    @Hp_Sauce wrote:

    It works as advertised.

    Looks sweet man! On another note, are you eating snow at the end of the video?!! 😯 😀

    Guilty. Om nom nom!


    in reply to: Hovercraft Split #645426

    The pucks and bindings arrived in early Jan and I finally got to ride my Hovercraft split it the conditions it was built for on Thu Jan 26th at Mt. Baker.

    It works as advertised. My friend’s legs were ready to drop by lunchtime, but my back leg was perfectly happy to ride through the day.

    You’ll still get bucked around in crud/chop, but it’s controllable. The magnatraction was tested a few weeks ago on some scratchy stuff at Grouse Mountain and it works well also!

    I plan to tweak the front binding back about an inch and I expect that to help it float even more!

    Definitely happy with it so far. The only thing I can’t do is make it go in a straight line when riding with only 1 foot strapped in… for some reason it wants to spin on me and I can’t stop it… but that is probably rider error… or maybe something to do with the taper.

    And yes, it is possible to ride it switch, as you can see if you fast forward to 1:39 in this video.


    in reply to: Vancouver/Whistler/Pemby/Lillooet #646167

    @powderjunkie wrote:

    thx wilkez,

    with another dryspell instore for CA, we are STOKED to be going to BC.

    I’m sure we’ll check out the slack country, but only plan on buying two days of lift tickets. We want about 4 days of pure backcountry. looks like we will need a car to get to bc areas away from the resorts. trying to pull it off without renting a car.

    sooooo, I’m humbling asking any whistler splitters if they want to play tour guide and taxi for us. We’ll buy ya food and :guinness: .

    If you’re interested in someone to show you around on your “in” resort days, I might be able to get one of the days off to come up and show you around the lifts, point you towards the steep stuff & away from the crowded groomers (doubt there will be much untracked powder inbounds on the 31st or 1st though).

    Or if you guys already know the resort well enough, but are just looking for someone new to ride with I might still see if I can make the trip up on the 31st… (I’m always looking for folks to ride with these days, as 1 of my riding buddies started his own business, another started a new job and 2 others moved back to Germany…)

    But if you would prefer to explore the resort on your own that’s cool too. (I’m not 100% if I can get the day off anyway, since I’m already taking Thur off to go to Baker.)

    I don’t have a car though… So I can’t really help you with your actual request of “back country tour guide & taxi”… However, I will consider lending you my copy of “Ski Touring The Coast Mountains” by John Baldwin if you promise to either A) return it to me when you pass back through downtown Vancouver on your way home on the 7th or; B) mail it back to me or; C) If we do meet up “in” resort at Whistler you can just check it out that day and take some pictures of the pages with the tours you are interested it (I don’t have any of his maps though).


    in reply to: what rights does "tenure" entitle the holder to in canada ? #650284

    I went up with a catskiing group last year and there were 3 types of people using their land that day.

    1) A few guys with climbing skins who were walking up. One of the tour guys just flat out said “If they want to put the time and energy into hiking up here, they are welcome to use the land!”

    2) Guys on snowmobiles using the road. They were pretty neutral about each other. The sleds were polite and tried to stay out of the way of the cat. And there were a few times when the cat driver made an effort to move over so sleds could get past (if there was room on the road).

    (NOTE: The sledders were using the road to gain access to terrain further back. At no point did we cross pass with the sledders during the day while riding… save for a few old sled tracks left in the snow from previous days).

    3) There was a guy on a double tracked snowmobile type of thing. And one of the guides said/implied that they were pretty sure that guy was charging money to drive people up the cat operations roads… and if/when they caught him, they would nail him to the wall.

    So don’t be an ignorant jackass on their land, and you should have a good chance of not hating each other.


    in reply to: Waxing Bench Ideas? #635645

    My waxing bench looks like this when it is setup for use:

    And it looks like this when it is in “store out of the way” mode:

    I have a small apartment, so this is an ideal setup. I do the ironing inside where it is warm (so the wax will spread easily) & then the scraping outside on my balcony (where the wax flakes won’t all fall on my carpet)… so this setup is nice and light for moving inside and out also.

    I realize this setup is not exactly what the original poster was asking about, since it does not have a good option for holding things while “sharpening”. But thought I would share it, in case someone else out there with limited space issues found it useful. (Note: for sharpening, I just hold the board up with my left hand & run the file with my right hand).

    Got ’em on sale from Canadian Tire for $9.99 a piece (Regular $49.99 – they go on sale every few months though). They are fully customizable to the length of different boards (just move them closer or further apart). And they come with a foam/rubber layer pre-installed on top, to help keep your board stuck in place!


    in reply to: Who else is waiting for snow? #649408

    We actually got a little bit of snow in the Whistler area last week (65 cm or so)! I think it was the first significant snow fall since the end of November (but of course it was raining down low). Looks like some more dry weather coming up though.

    @Huck Pitueee wrote:

    The local news just said the Tahoe area snow pack is 10% of average. Last year it was 176% at this time. Here’s what I did yesterday to get the stoke back. Crash footage. Wait for it wait for it…..

    I especially like the maniacal laughter at the end of your video, as you are grabbing at your ankle in pain. :clap:

    Here is my crash video from Friday: 😀
    (Yes I was at a resort… but it was a very last minute snowboard trip & I believe the avi conditions were “high” that day too, so don’t lynch me.)


    in reply to: BC powder #647853

    @scoho wrote:

    Heres my edit from the 2012 Canuck splitfest, deep pow and faceshots!


    That looks like it was a shitload of fun! :thumpsup:


    in reply to: Hovercraft Split #645411

    Just in case anyone is curious for an update on the crooked top picture – I have been in contact with Jones & Nidecker and they have generously offered a discount. Which is fine with me, since it’s kind of irritating to look at, but it’s not going to break the way the board rides (and it does not sound like there are any replacements in the country anyway).

    Also, some people mentioned the finger joints. Personnel, unless we start seeing huge problems with boards breaking at the finger joints, I really do not feel too concerned about them because:
    a) My Mountain Twin from last year has visible finger joints and it is still holding together just fine so far.
    b) I bet a number of people are riding boards with finger joints in them (without knowing it) and without having any problems… Just that many of the other manufacturer are covering their cores up.
    c) I have seen some manufactured / engineered wood stand up to an awful lot of bending, twisting and abuse before it even thought about breaking. Remember, even if 1 finger joint is weak, it still has 5 or 6 or 8 strong neighbors around it… but a thin piece of solid wood with a weak spot only has itself to rely on.

    Anyway, the Voile pucks & bindings are still on back order, so I still have not actually been able to ride the thing! :banghead:
    (Not that there has actually been any fresh snow falling in the last 3 weeks anyway).


    in reply to: Hovercraft Split #645398

    Arrived, woot! :bananas:

    The first thing you might notice is that the top graphic is skewed. It is centered at the front of the board, but shifted to the left by a full inch at the back… go go quality control!

    I asked myself if I really cared about the alignment of the top graphic and answered: Yes, a bit.
    Then I asked myself if I had any choice and answered: No (I.e. it would probably be 6 months for a replacement).

    Asymmetrical graphics up close. Maybe it will be worth money one day… like a typo on an old rare baseball card? Haha! (You can see it is still in the plastic wrapping at this point, so I didn’t mess with it).

    The tail, in split mode, base to base.
    Note: The top one is not actually longer… I just did a crappy job of lining them up.

    The center, in split mode, base to base (So you can see the camber).

    The nose, in split mode, base to base.
    So you can see the rocker.

    Tail, split:

    Nose, split:

    I have to admit that I bought a 155 Jones Mountain Twin last year and found strange defects in it also, bubbles on the graphics like misbehaving epoxy, cracks showing up in the film top sheet after riding, etc. But I rode the Mountain Twin anyway, and I now consider it to be the most fun snowboard I have ever strapped into. ever. If the defects start to bother me, I will put stickers over them.

    So I still have high expectations for the Split Hovercraft!! But of course the Voile split interface I purchased is on back order… So I can’t actually ride this thing yet… It is just a decoration.


    in reply to: Hovercraft Split #645397

    Got an e-mail today from the shop where I ordered mine (in the Vancouver/Whistler area) saying that the Split Hovercraft has arrived. So if you still have not found one… now might be a good time to check around again!



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