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    Bit late, but as someone that has a weird foot, and has done way too much research into boot fitting I thought I’d share some input on your question. Shoe size has very little to do with it. Go get your length, width and instep actually measured and see what the cm/mm numbers are. A good boot fitter will look at this and also how your ankle moves, just tell them you are going to use the boot for splitboarding and dont need a super tight performance ski fit. Also note your toe shape, if your middle toe is longest it is easier to shrink the boot in length, if your big toe is longest or all your toes are close to the same length it can be pretty painful to size down as the backlands have a pretty narrow toe box. Read this article and see where your width/instep land relative to your length Your instep number (and or width) is what would decide if you stay with the bigger size or not. If the number is drastically bigger than your mondo length then you would likely stick with the larger size. If it is the same or smaller than your mondo you could consider sizing down and then using the shell mold (heat the shell only, not the liner, then mold) to relieve the instep pressure (depends how bad it is). Depending on your toe shape sizing down may require punching the toe box as well. For reference and to counter the above comments about sizing down a bunch, 3cm is a bit big for a touring boot but I’d pay attention more to how the rest of the boot feels. I would note that number and then think about how the rest of the boot fits – is your heal holding well, is your instep and width comfy. 3 cm could be perfect if you want to go with a thicker liner than stock (really common) and have space to not bang your toes, (most skiers go up a half-1 full size for a touring boot to prevent toe bang walking and kicking). I have a mondo 27.8cm foot with middle toe longest (easier to get away with going down), I have a very wide foot (my biggest problem with the backlands) and I am in a 28.5 backland carbon with a scarpa pro tour liner which required packing out the toes when molding but is now perfect length wise and instep wise with 2-2.5cm shell fit. Good luck!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)