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    Check this out. You could build yourself a ammo can stove and save a couple bucks
    That dude does use muffler pipe for his flue FWIW

    On the other side of things these are a little more money but look like nice units and a little smaller footprint

    Newport Solid Fuel Heater

    I like the dickinson as well because it should burn wood pellets better then the other options.
    Pellets are sweet since you can pick them up in 50# bags for like $4 rather then sneaking behind walmarts on the road looking for pallets to burn

    in reply to: 1982 Dodge ram #789301

    As far as using muffler pipe I think it would be fine. Cat’s on vehicles run hot and are connected directly to the same muffler pipe without issue. Though double wall pipe would be better as it add’s some insulating qualities.

    Sorry if I’m geeking out on this but I love this van living stuff and get into it

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    What do you mean by creating proper draft?

    Draft is the warm air in the stove flowing up through the chimney drawing fresh air into the stove so the wood burns.
    The longer the chimney or flue pipe the more natural draft you will have. If you don’t have enough then you get smoke back into your van and have a hard time keeping the fire lit, especially when first starting it. Using a smaller diameter flue pipe also helps draft to a certain extent.

    Honestly I’m not sure how much any of this matters on these little stoves but when I used a portable wood stove in a canvas tent it came with more flue pipe then I expected and I was told that was to help it draft properly.

    Check out this pic and how much pipe he has sticking out of his tent

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    Pic’s for fun
    2016-01-10_08-14-36 by Danny Knowlan[/url], on Flickr

    IMG_20150926_100450 by Danny Knowlan[/url], on Flickr

    IMG_20150909_182030 by Danny Knowlan[/url], on Flickr

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    Winter in a van.
    Moisture will be your biggest enemy. I don’t full time in my van but spend 3-4 weeks a year in it mostly in the fall surfing. I have spent more then a few winter nights sleeping in it as well. My current setup is to crack the front windows and run a exhaust fan in the back. It works but obviously you need a good sleeping bag to stay warm.

    The wood stove is something I have thought of many times. It would do a good job of changing air in the van to dry things out and obviously keep warm. What I haven’t figured out is how to route the venting in such a way the stove get’s proper draft without creating a monstrosity on the side of my van.

    If you have any interest here is my build thread I have going.
    It’s not done yet but getting close.


    in reply to: FYI Venture boards available in Durango #788143

    Yeah I figured. I could be wrong but I thought Venture had the older ones even cheaper on their site before they went under.

    Edit: Not that it matters now haha. Just kind of a bummer.

    Yes they were cheaper on the Venture sight this spring. But not by much. I think I paid $325 for my storm split this spring.
    Either way $400 for a split is still a good price.

    in reply to: FYI Venture boards available in Durango #788119

    I don’t know the years well enough but I think they were all older boards.

    in reply to: Tips for introducing a dog to BC trips #780947

    The garmin I linked claims a 9 mile range. I’m assuming that is for the locator functions only but it is a little hard to decifer. My huskies are laying in the hotel bed next to us right now. Spoiled old dogs.

    in reply to: Tips for introducing a dog to BC trips #780900

    We have two huskies and I have always wanted to be able to let them run off leash. Unfortunately I trained them incorrectly when they were young and I don’t think it will ever happen with these dogs. One of them is pretty good alone and I trust him not to go too far but he gets nervous off leash and runs back to the truck as soon as he knows where it is. Anyways you know the breed and know what you are up against.

    One thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet is a dog tracker. They aren’t cheap but would be worth every penny if your dog decided to run.

    Edit. Garmin now offers a tracker/shock collar in one. I will be buying one if these for our next dog whenever that may be.

    Good luck let us know how it goes

    in reply to: Legalize the weed and I’ll say thank heavens. #661190

    @chronicracing wrote:

    It will always make me smile to think about an angry snowboarder, trying to convert derps in northern Wisconsin.

    I do miss going into a bar and getting 2 Bloody Mary’s and a pint of beer for $5.

    Wisconsin will never be the same after Ron is done with it :rock:

    in reply to: Winter Camping from a Vehicle #677801

    My :twocents: worth
    1. Ventilation is more important then heat when sleeping. Buy a bomber winter bag and keep the windows cracked while sleeping. Better yet have a vent fan. This is the only way to keep from developing your own personal rain forest. Have a buddy heater along to warmup in the mornings and evenings after riding but don’t run it while sleeping.

    2.Ditch the jet boil. Buy a proper white gas camp stove. They work soooooooo much better in cold weather. And don’t cook in your vehicle keep it outdoors. Eat real food! Freeze dried meals should only be a emergency last resort.

    3. Boil water with your evening meal and put it in a quality thermos for the morning. Much easier to get up knowing the coffee is ready to go.

    4. .??????

    5. Profit

    6. A couple :guinness: :guinness: :guinness: and a little :doobie: makes for good sleeping no matter the temperature

    in reply to: A Hug For Craig Kelly’s mom #674573

    I’m a bit younger then say Splitrippin 😆
    And I never met Craig or knew much about him til after he was gone.
    But the way he lived his life changed mine forever.

    In 2003 I was a severely depressed alcoholic with a growing prescription pill habit. I had a job which I was hating. I really had no direction in life other then wake boarding and partying as much as possible. I had started running with a new crew that rekindled my interest in snowboarding. At some point I picked up a issue of Frequency that had a review of a movie. That movie was “el camino real”. I shot off a email to Brett and he sent me a copy of his movie. This was a documentary of Brett and Craig’s journey from Alaska to TDF.

    Holy shit! Growing up in a hard working Midwestern union family the idea that you could take two years away from the “real world” to travel the hemisphere in a van was mind blowing. It truly forever changed my world. And my outlook on what living really meant. That winter I took my avy 1 class in silverton Colorado and haven’t looked back.

    I still struggle with the responsibility of a Midwestern lifestyle VS the dream the Craig gave me of traveling the world. The traveling I have been inspired to do has cleansed my soul and opened my world.

    This is already a long rambling story. And I’m having a hard time focusing with so many thoughts running through my head.

    I will say with the utmost certainty Craig Kelly changed my life.
    El Camino Real changed my life.
    Viewing the world through a travelers eyes opened up my eyes to what life is meant to be.
    I will never be same having a new dream for my life

    in reply to: lets talk shit about Jeremy Jones #668686

    @cometogether wrote:

    dude man he strait fucked rossignol, using them to design his new boards then jumping ship and starting jones..

    Bravo, Well played move by JJ :guinness:

    in reply to: Flatlanders? #665766

    Yes I’m from Minnesota.

    There were years I rode 20+ days “out west”
    But the last few have been cut down to 10 days or less

    I really enjoyed the Avy 1 class I took at silverton mountain. That was really the turning point for me when I decided that being the backcountry was going to be a lifelong pursuit. I did it on a whim and it changed everything.

    in reply to: Backcountry Spooky Stories #659536

    New tales of terror on the diaries.

    Can’t wait to listen

    in reply to: an essay on kayaking= an essay on death in the mountains. #651873

    This is a interesting essay.

    I’ll be honest, I first read it a couple days ago and it has been eating at me. I can’t say I disagree with it but…….

    Maybe there are some out there who can’t articulate why it is we do what we do (snowboarding,surfing,kayaking,climbing,riding motorcycles ect.) therefore simply rely on cliche’s to try and explain. Maybe some of our family’s can’t understand why we expose ourselves to the level of risk we do, especially when it goes wrong and someone dies.

    I know why I go out there. I know why I can accept the risk.

    Snowboarding/surfing make me feel whole. Getting out there and doing what I love to do fills my soul. Without it I feel like a empty shell of a person.

    That makes the risk worth it to me. All I can do is hope my family and friends understand that.

    I’m not saying we should be making rash decisions or pushing ourselves into overly dangerous situations, but there is a inherent risk in what we do. We all accept that risk every time we go out.

    I think if we feel deeply about what we do, then we should make an effort to explain to our loved ones how important doing these things is to us. Explain that it is more then just fun and exciting or (god forbid) EXTREME.

    I hope something I wrote here makes sense. I honestly wrote this down to make myself feel better and I feel like I’m rambling. If I’m out of line tell me. I’ll delete it.


    in reply to: Passing Time this summer #641166

    X2 on 180 degrees south. Fantastic film

    I’m not on this forum a whole lot, but it is my favorite. Always brightens my day :headbang:

    Keep the stoke folks

    in reply to: Dog Stoke #637827

    @ale_capone wrote:


    Impressive to get a husky on the water board. Love the tongue sticking out.

    Yea that one is certain he is a lab. He is obsessed with birds and is more then happy to be in the water. We had to bring him into the vet one time for a ear problem and I believe she said something to the effect of “He is acting like he has an ear infection, but he is a husky so he obviously hasn’t been in the water”………

    Yea about that :scratch:

    His brother on the other hand is convinced that water means certain death and must be avoided at all costs.

    And the two of them when they were pups

    in reply to: Dog Stoke #637817

    @sdmarkus wrote:

    @sdmarkus wrote:

    Willard rock’s it, had her out Kayak fishing this weekend if you can believe that 😮

    Figured you might have to see it to believe it…I know I was impressed.

    I see your kayak and raise you a standup paddle board 😆


    Totally jealous RonDon :thumpsup:

    As you know my season was a joke this year 😥 the stoke way down.

    So seeing this gives me hope that a flatlander can still get a few turns in from time to time :drool:

    On the plus side the surf has been good to me lately on the super pond

    Give me a shout when your back in town and we can :drinks:

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