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    Email sent.

    Other considerations (who’s got more?):

    AT boots and Bomber splitboard bindings, 35 deg. front/30 deg. rear.

    I like the rounded tips and tails (in split mode) on Burton’s split – tips less likely to break on impact and tails less likely to catch pole baskets.

    Could use reinforcement at outside of nose (inside when skinning) – the topsheet wears away from repeated contact with edge of other board half.

    Tapered shape and longer nose would help board adapt to snow conditions on descent (nose up for deep pow).

    High visibility colors for locating lost/injured rider.

    Please do keep us updated. Where are you at school? How/where will you build your designs? Are you designing the interfaces/hardware, too?

    Good luck!

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    email sent

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    sent yesterday if you’re keeping track

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    Just to answer a few questions…

    There have been 32 repsponses so far! Thanks to everyone for taking the time and answering thoughtfully. You’re providing me with data supporting my thinking and design so far as well as some really good new ideas. I’ve started compiling the info and will post it when it’s ready.

    Also, I intend to contact you guys who mentioned your experience with composites. I do have a bunch of questions for you. Especially about S-glass and vacuum infusion.

    Re: stickers. These are the only stickers I’ve sent to the printers this week. I think I have 2 free In-N-Out stickers that I got with my grilled cheese, animal style. I can probably part with them, so holla back.

    About my school. I’m in the Industrial Design program at San Francisco State University. I came into the program with lots of graphic design experience, but I could barely drill a straight hole. When I started building splitboards, there weren’t any available for me commercially because I’m small. Now, I have a Voile 153. Prior makes small splitboards now, too. I chose this project to learn about composite design and to gain skills at building with my hands. And, well, to make a lightweight splitboard so I could keep up with my badass friends. Goodbye, snowshoes.

    I had intended to work on interface redesign, but my program lacks the mentorship and proper equipment I would really need to find success as quickly as I wanted (I am hoping to graduate this spring). I’m not a mechanical engineer and if I could have found a partner in engineering, it could have been ideal. But I’m learning a lot from this and I have the rest of my life for other projects.

    Besides, I’m going to have 5 splitboards by May. That’s not bad.

    Thanks again.

    Unruly Baker
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    @melmo wrote:

    Just to answer a few questions…

    Also, I intend to contact you guys who mentioned your experience with composites. I do have a bunch of questions for you. Especially about S-glass and vacuum infusion.

    My pro-active $0.02.

    Vacuum infusion (RTM, VARTM, etc…) – don’t bother, it’s cool to watch and sounds fancy, but produces inferior products to other methods. You will get far better results if you pony up and use a nice pre-impregnated (prepreg) quad glass. More $$ but much better resin distrubution and lower void content. As you build the board do a 10-20 minute “vacuum debulk” after you add the first 2 layers of glass to the base with edges (and rubber damper, lower carbon stingers, etc…, don’t know how fancy you are getting), then place your core and what not, another 2 layers of glass, topsheet etc…and another debulk for 10-20 min, If you can press it while it is still under vacuum more power to ya. At the very least use a traditional wet lay-up with the vacuum debulks. Vacuum infusion is just not worth the effort. I have wasted too much of my time playing with that train-wreck, and volume production with vacuum infusion would be a nightmare. If you really want to get fancy “pretensioned, precured s-glass”, nuff said, and never under-estimate the power of a good high burst modulus wood core like sugar maple or hua birch. Using a foam core to save weight is silly, wood is light and durable and transfers shear so much better = better camber retention & snap and a board that rides like new for multiple seasons.

    ***HINT*** If you have acces to a good library with many journals, you need to read the December 2004 “Composites Technology” issue, page 44. Pay special attention to an advertisement in the lower left corner of page 6 as well.

    Keep us posted.


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    sent, good luck. did i ever go to the wrong grad school….

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    @digdug wrote:

    …did i ever go to the wrong grad school….

    you and me both…

    Jon Dahl
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    Have not sent the info yet, but will. As for board shapes, take a close look at swallowtails too, and look up the Dupraz D1, as well as the Pogo Longboard snowboard. The last two are a look at the do it all board, swallowtails is where snowboarding started in the ’70’s.

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    email sent, even though I don’t splitboard 😉 I just want the sticker. Cool design. Can we steal it from you after this project is over and you get what you need??? 🙂

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    😆 You guys already own the design! Way ahead of ya. Talk to bcrider.

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    @melmo wrote:

    Talk to bcrider.

    How can we talk to bcrider about shit when he never posts here anymore? Shit, I see him post more on TGR and ttips than here.

    He’s probably too busy riding…like PJ.

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    Cool Sticker! Email sent.

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    email sent, Mel. thanks!!!

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    Thanks for working with me on the stickers melmo! They look great. 8)

    I’m glad you’re getting the info you need for your thesis too!

    Ps. Eco, my post counts are down everywhere bro. The bossman said “no more internet use at workâ€Â

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    mail sent thanks and good luck

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    The bossman said “no more internet use at workâ€Â

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Just giving you a little shit. We miss you ’cause your quick whitted comments keep things from getting stagnate 😥 😥 . Otherwise I get bored and have to…work 😯

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    sticker’s arrived! cool!
    thank you, melmo.

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