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    In several days I will be driving north from SLC, to Bosie, and then north into Canada. I accepted a job in Anchorage Alaska this summer. The job starts in Mid May, which gives me several weeks to get up there. School just got out and my friend and I are planning on taking 1-2 weeks to drive north, with some spliting on the way up.

    Does anyone know good areas for splitting around Banff, Jasper, or along the Cassiar Highway?

    We will be camping out, so if it is next the car, or in the mountains, it doesn’t matter. Also, if you know of any good hotsprings along the way, that may be nice to wash some of the stench off… 🙂

    Unless we get some tips, our plan is to drive untill we get tired or see a mountain we want to go ski up. I am sure that some local beta knowlege would really be helpfull though.

    Thanks for the help,

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    What I would do if I were you is spend 13 days of those 2 weeks hitting the eastern Sierra. Plenty of amazing lines and hot springs as well. Then on the day 14 hit Shasta. Then drive all night all the way up to AK! 🙂

    (Sorry, I know that probably doesn’t really help… but really if I were you I would seriously try find a way to spend a bunch of time in the eastern Sierra, even going out of your way)

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    Jim your idea really isn’t that far fetched. I don’t know what other kinds of fun our friend here likes but it would allow for a different drive up as well which you could hit the coast up in Oregon and that would be way cool.

    It would be a direct east drive for one day…not that bad to hit up the EASTSIDE….yeah.

    I just drove from LA to Spokane and I poked along pulling a trailer and it only took me 20 hours tops. Of course I stopped along the east on the way back home. It was a fun drive to hit the eastern side all the way from the border. Some nice moutains and forest way up north.

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    The Tetons are getting ripe…still freezing at night. Lots of shiz to hit up there.

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    Well, since I’ve thought of doing the same thing before, here are some options on the way up:

    1. Tetons – self explanatory
    2. SW Montana – Spanish peaks or S Madisons
    3. Glacier Park – don’t know when the road opens but hear it is good
    4. Jumbo pass
    5. Wapta Icefields
    6. Columbia Icefields
    7. Kananaskis Country
    8. Hyder/Stewart, AK (unknown) & the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy
    9. Chilkat pass (N of Haines)
    10. Thompson Pass
    11. Isabel Pass?

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    Just got of six days on the wapta. Things are still good, about 3 meters on the galciers still, but things were getting a little isothermal down low(-1800m). There is good spliting all along the highway between banff and jasper. the best snow late in the year will be on the icefields(wapta, columbia) which is also where the best ski mountaineering is!
    Have a great trip.


    Canada – and do not pass go.

    I’m not sure of specific areas (looks like Nomad does) but the Canadian Rockies will blow your mind. Do not miss this opportunity to see and ride that area of North America. On your way up – and again Nomad is correct – the Stewart, B.C./Hyder,AK area looks pretty cool. I read on a snowmobile website it just got a 4′ dump in the alpine around there.

    You can also make your way to the Valdez area for a couple days. Not positive but I think the Alaska Hwy dumps out within a couple hours drive of Valdez.

    What kind of work are you doing in AK?

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    Still lots of snow in the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mtns… Was out on Catamount Glacier (just north of Jumbo) last weekend and it was money… Snowpack is still very winter like on the north aspect and it snowed 30cm over night the day we had to leave. Oh and did I mention the cabin at 2700m.
    Check some pics here… not many riding down due to bad vis rolling in but the scenery will give you an idea of the terrain.
    Jumbo will still be in good shape… The Wapta is still getting lots of snow. Basically anything up high (over say 2100m) is still money.
    Here are two good sites that might inspire a trip out my way with some pretty sweet little cabins up in the woods (or alpine).
    A sled helps but is becoming not so necessary as the roads up to the high country are becoming clear.

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    I would have to recommend Ymir peak right next to whitewater ski area south of Nelson BC. lots of nice lines and variety of terrain, easy access from parking lot as well. Sounds like fun have a safe trip.

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