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    Yodelin is an old out of operation next to stevens pass resort. The nicely spaced trees are a decent place to play when avi conditions are high. And since they where rising to high today, and I was solo, it was a good choice.

    I skinned up to the summit point with the intention of dropping north, then making a decending traverse back to the lot. I was going to do this in split mode for more mobility. After the transition, and a little bit if traversing, my dog decides he likes fall line better. I end up riding down to the road in split-tele style. Popped out somewhere closer to smithbrook road. Made for a very nice 2,000′ of tree riding. Too bad I couldn’t hitch back because of my dog. Conditons where rapidly deteriorating anyway, so I bailed.

    Even nailed the happy ending in split mode. Then Lucky decided he wasn’tt dropping. I had to climb back up and basically body slide down with him…. with truckers driving by honking and shit.


    Wow, that looks like alot of snow!! Wise choice to be in the trees


    Good Work gettin’ while it was prime….this up side down side weather is killin’ me!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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