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    We were out to seek an audience with Yoda today. It’s been more than a month since we’ve seen clear sky and sun on a tour. So, he must have been out enjoying the powder too since we didn’t find him after digging down 8 feet to his cave.

    Our group included myself, tophervw and Dan. We met up with two other splitters (prestonf and his partner) and a pair of tele. There might have been one other group out but we didn’t see them, just heard voices which could easily have been one of the aforementioned groups. Anyway, it was nice to see splitters out in majority or at least well represented.

    Avy forecast considerable with and increase predicted for the afternoon. The next storm was supposed to possibly roll in around 10am, hence the increase. We dug a hasty pit at 4900 ft on the most suspicious 37* lee open slope you can find in this area. 6 feet of snow all one-finger density is consolidating pretty well. I dug down an additional 2 feet below my planks just to see if I could find a rain crust layer, but I couldn’t. The early december crust is well buried but still should remain a consideration throughout the season. The supposed rain from last weekend before xmas did not seem to be present at this elevation. Testing shovel shears and columns: 2-3 inches sloughed easily, 1 ft block sheared at 11 from elbow and the next 2 ft block sheared with heavy pounding from the shoulder. Both shears were not smooth or consistent, so we believe that consolidation is good. Cautious green light is given.

    We were lucky to have blue sky opening up and saw the sun for at least 4 hours of the day. Had three excellent runs in some of the best trees in the northwest. Tree bombs had slightly degraded the aesthetic of perfectly smooth powder, but we didn’t mind at all once we were flowing lines through it.



    C ya next time… yoda land.


    Wow – nice looking trees terrain!


    awesome trees! :thatrocks:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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