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    We’ve had high pressure here now for a week, so with an itch for a dawn patrol, and knowing conditions were very stable, I decided to nail the “Y”.

    This chute is 42 degrees for 3,200 vertical, with room enough for 1-2 sets of tracks. Its pretty much a roadside attraction, as you can walk to the base of the couloir from the Little Cottonwood Canyon Hwy in about 10 minutes.

    I hit the snow at 5am, ready for a solo DP. In LCC the coyotes sometimes follow and yip when it’s dark, the skies are clear and the moon is bright. However, they weren’t out this morning, just the moon and me.

    I took my 61 Gun even though I didn’t need a split for this adventure, as I would be booting straight up the entire chute. I love the edge hold the Gun provides, and feel it’s the most stable board I’ve ever ridden in the steeps, even more so than any solid board I’ve been on.

    Using dual whippets, and booting in my softboots, I felt pretty secure through most of the chute. During some of the steeper portions, I was actually using a whippet in each hand as ice axes, working my way up. There were some sketchy moments when I couldn’t get a good kick in the hard snow, and I’d just rely more on the whippets. This position was also a nice break from standing and booting the whole time. 3,000+ vert is a lot to boot when you’re the only one kicking steps the whole time.

    Time was passing swiftly, as I was very focused on the up. I did check my altimeter twice, just to see if I was getting near the top. On the second occassion, I knew I was close when the altimeter read 2,800 ft. I took a photo of the upper headwall above me here.

    Once I reached the top I scouted around, as there are incredible views everywhere. Unfortunately, while I was taking the photo of the headwall above me, the batteries had given up the ghost. I put the camera away, hoping there would be enough juice in the batteries for one last photo from the top.

    Today was my lucky day, as I was able to snap one final photo from the top of the chute. You can see LCC Hwy at the bottom far below!

    With my ice axe in one hand, I made hop turns down the entire length, completely focused on setting the edge each time. I knew the snow was very firm from booting up, so I definitely didn’t want to lose an edge here. Without question, this is one of the most enjoyable runs I’ve ever made, the couloir just seemed endless.

    Anyone want to head to SA with me for the 7,000 ft Super C? It’s another on the list!

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    My buddy pointed out the Y to me during my only visit to LCC last year. What an amazing line. And to top it off…dawn patrol. Man, what I’d give to be able to ride shit like that before work. I was talking to my buddy who lives in Reno about this topic. As croweded as everyone thinks the bc is these days, 99% of the people in Reno and SLC wouldn’t think of doing that shit on weekends–little lone before work.

    Props to ya. Way to get after it.

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    Nice. Glad you were able to get it in stable conditions (read the account of the guy caught in a slide there a week or two ago). I too have been drooling over the Super C ever since that article…

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    SIIIIICCCCCK! Way to get after it Karma. Nice write up. Thanks for the stoke! 8)

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    Solo DP in the Y – YOU DA MAN!!!

    BTW – It took me a long time to figure out who you are. I’m pretty slow that way. Karma surf is a good username? 8)

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    Kick Ass karma! 8)

    ps. you take us to west bowl but save lines like this for yourself?! I see how you are. 😉 😛

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