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    We are planning a road trip to Wyoming and Montana to visit friends in two weeks. We will mostly be in Montana near Galatin, Beartooth wilderness area. I’m wanting to go check out Beartooth Pass area. We might get down to Jackson, Salt Lake City, and maybe check out the Rubys on the way home.

    We would be stoked to find people to meet up and ride with and super grateful to anyone with advice on mellowish places to go riding. I’ve been to Teton pass, Albright peak in the Tetons, and lamoille canyon, but that’s the extent of my riding out there.

    Also, does anyone have links for Avalanche advisories or good weather information for Montana, Utah, Wyoming, or eastern Nevada? I’ve seen the Galatin National forest website, but it doesn’t seem as descriptive as the Sierra Avalanche advisory.

    It would be nice to find some information about what’s going on with the snowpack and weather ahead of time.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wasatch Weather weenies is a good blog for Utah. It talks a lot about weather in the valley, not just the mountains. In the Cottonwood Canyons, I toured mostly along the Upper Big/Little ridgeline. Silver Fork, Days Fork, Flagstaff. Easy to hit a few drainages in one tour, ride to the car. Wasatch backcountry skiing map is a website with the names overlaid on Google Earth. I’m headed out to Utah, Montana, maybe Idaho at the end of nest week for a while, if things line up I’d be stoked to meet up for a shred.

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    Buffy, thinking about hitting the road sometime around that time. Don’t know if I can stretch it beyond my standard four days off, but might be able to meet up in NV or UT if you end up there. Touch base as it gets closer, my old phone with my contacts was stolen so I don’t have your number anymore.
    Oh, and

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    Thanks Claymond! I think we will have to check out Utah if they are getting snow, that sounds like fun. I will Pm you to see what your plans are, it would be cool to do some shredding with you if we are in the same locale at the same time.

    Paul I’ll send you an PM, you should come meet us, let’s make a pilgrimage, find some powder and shred together.

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    Buffy, although it may not appear so at first glance, the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center has one of the better forecasts I’ve found. Although there aren’t any of the standard indicators like rose diagrams, there’s way more nuance in their discussions and they have some pretty good data backing up their forecasts.

    If you end up swinging through Bozeman, give a shout. If, on the off chance that I’m available, it would be fun to meet up. Regardless, I’d be happy to give some condition-dependent recommendations for riding areas. Snowpack is looking great right now although we’ll see what transpires after this period of dry weather.

    Oh, and if you’re interested in Beartooth pass, go to Cooke. Actually, just go there anyway (but keep your guard up!), but prepare to deal with a serious snowmobiler man-fest at the miner.

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    I second Nomad’s comments on the Gallatin Avy Center. They do a great job (especially check out their vids).

    I look forward to the TR.

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    @liketoride Sounds like a Rad trip! Hopefully you can link up and/or get some beta from some local members.

    As for Eastern NV there is no avy forecast that I know of. Many suggest checking and looking at the LCC area as a starting point. You can also contact Ruby Mountain Heli Exp they may be willing to share their findings with you.

    As for forecasts I always use to get forecast write ups and then pull up the desired location on NOAA. I always look at the forecast discussion on NOAA (found on the lower left bottom of the forecast).

    Here’s the Bridger-Teton Avy center

    Safe travels and I hope you score!

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    Thanks Nomad, Dave, and Cbalke! I will have to do some more reading and looking around on the Gallatin Avy website. We were doing some research on Cooke City. We will probably check it out, I think we have to sled there from where we are staying. I don’t think we can drive there.

    Do you ever tour from Cooke Nomad? It sounds like it has a network of trails to get out to the wilderness boundary via sled and then go hiking. I’m super excited to go exploring out there.

    I’m hoping to check out the Ruby’s on the way home. I’ve been there once before early in December and there was not much snow at all, but even then you could tell it had potential for radness.

    There is a possibility we might also make it down to Teton National Park, Jackson, Teton Pass, just because of it’s awesomeness, even though I think it is far, far out of the way and lots of extra driving hours.

    I’m getting super stoked for my trip. Can’t wait to go on this fantastic adventure.

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    Have fun Buffy and Dave. Gotta be better than here LUCKY

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    Ray, I wish you could go with us. I think they got two feet of new snow around Cooke since last Friday. I think we might find some powder snow.

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    Glad Im not going. You know how much I HATE powdered snow. Gets in your jacket, pants, makes it hard to turn…..and it makes me have to pee a lot

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    Anyone able to comment how inbounds Big Sky has been? Planning a similar trip, 5 days next week, JHMR and Big Sky are for sures. Unsure about the other 3 days.

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