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    Conditions as of 11/7/05

    I have had an opportunity to dig a few pits on northerly slopes of 30+degrees. Have been checking out this aspect because it has had snow the longest (the rest of the aspects have just received snow). I was worried about depth hoar growing due to two and a half weeks without precipitation up until the Halloween storms.

    Pit info:

    ➡ 60-80 cm in overall snow depth
    ➡ Two different melt/freeze crusts: One 24 cm from the ground, one 30 cm from ground-No quality sheers on these crusts
    ➡ From the ground to about 10 cm up-Quality 3 sheer-crystals have stopped growing and seem to be rounding and gaining strenghth.
    ➡ The snowpack from 30 cm and up is all fresh snow-creating a few sluffs.
    ➡ Wind has increased and started forming a few slabs in upper elevations

    We have been receiving constistent storms. Just hope this cycle continues and we may have a bomber snowpack. More snow expected at the end of the week.

    Warming occured on November 9th.

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    If you keep posting that picture, Im going to show up at your door with my two huskies. YOUR KILLING ME, lucky

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    Yee haw! Conditions looked good. I am psyched for the scrubfest. I caught a clip on Fuel last night showing Towghotee (spelling?) pass. Place looks super sweet. Keep it up! 😉

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    No snow here in Wyoming yet….it sucks.

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    shoot me….I wish it would snow….HARD….Steve Romeo just left for Mt. Cook, heli/backcountry time….bastard…I am stuck here without any snow….

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    just got back from two days in the mountains. North shots thin snowpack (2feet). Starting to facet(1-2mm) underneath with slab on top. Possible remaining surface hoar in addition. Wind slab, powder but thinnnnn. All other aspects hold much less snow. The snowpack last year at this time was double the amount. yikes…big storm is predicted hitting hard Tuesday. Might be an interesting year.

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    Rain expected tonight in the mountains…WTF?

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    Looks like the rain, melt, and freeze might have stabilized our base. Facets are rounding and there is a good solid layer. The only concern at this point is slabs on ice. Better than on facets. May have been the conditions that we needed. Storms the next two days…hmmm

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    Major storm in Wyoming. Many natural and skier triggered avalanches. Many feet of snow. Looks like face shots and careful planning this weekend. Glad we are getting rid of some of our nasty layers, but it means dancing with dragons. Avalanche warnings on the TV, radio, and weather forecasts. Hope everyone in Wyo is safe this weekend.

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    Way to take the time to spread the word.

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    Was pretty spooky this weekend in the Absarokas. No pictures because I lost my camera, but there was nothing to shoot except for avalanche crowns and a couple of guys tiptoeing around. Near surface facets, depth hoar and slabs on top. Just glad we made it home safe and unscathed. We need more snow now to even things out. Glad that some of the nasty layers got flushed.

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    Same sketchy conditions here in SW MT. I got this brand new split waiting to be used and instead I’ve been poking around the foothills on my 3-pin skis. Man, I wish we’d get some snow.

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