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    Looking for some three-part collabsible poles.

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    So far in my experience the Black Diamond flicklock system has been the most reliable.

    Not too expensive, three part poles, and reliable. The poles I have used with the cork system always have problems. My friends that use them have to fuss with them from time to time.

    The new Voile Poles look interesting. I like the scraper, though banging your top sheet with the grip of your pole works fairly well. I think they still have a cork system for the upper part of the shaft. I need to look at them closer next time I am in the shop.

    No matter what you go with. After you are done touring extend you poles all the way out to let them dry out. It really helps keep them from jamming and other problems in my experience.

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    Here’s a second vote for the BD flicklock system. I bought the smaller three piece poles which fit me (5’9″) just fine, I usually use them at 115 cm, but they’d go up to 125 cm if I wanted. I never have a problem with the flicklock and they collapse small enough to fit in my pack. It seems like every person I’ve been out with that has a twist locking pole has a problem with it at some point. It’s a bit more money for a set of flicklocks, but you’ll know it’s worth it when your friends are grumbling over their transition and you’re frustration free and ready to go.

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    I just dropped by REI to have a closer look at the Voile Poles. Very nice is the best way to describe them. They do not have the cork system. Push button locks, less to break than even the flick locks. The snowscraper handle is nice too. I would say these would be an excellent choice. I think I am going to pick up a pair to test out this season.

    To summarize, I would go withe either the Voile poles or the BD flicklock system.


    Thanks for the heads up.

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    I picked up a pair of the Voile poles for this weekend. So far so good. It was very cold, high temp of 9 degree F. The buttons jammed a couple of time with ice, but a quick twist of the pole solved the problem. The snow was so light and fluffy I didn’t get to use the snow scraper much. Except to lift up my risers. Which in that case it did a great job. So far these poles are getting an A+.

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