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    After the Memorial Wknd trip w/ the crew I’m a bit addicted. Looking for any cheap gear anyone may be selling, or if you know of any good end of season deals point ’em my way. I >>think<< I'll have the board side of things covered, but will need the tele binding setup, poles, skins, beacon, etc. If you all know of either any cheap used stuff or cheap new stuff on supercrazycloseout let me know! -j

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    I have a set of skins I’d sell pretty cheap. Couple years old purple to fit up to 165 or so. PM me your email and I send you pics.

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    bigdood, if by the tele binding thing you mean the voile slider tracks I have two sets and now with the arrival of my sparks igntion ii’s I would part with one set for a fair price. Do you need the pucks too? If so we can consider a puck, slider track, binding mounting hardware and pins deal. If you can’t connect with pj on skins, i hvae an older set of the purple skins too that are from a 178 swallow tail, they likely will fit whatever your riding.

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    Mumbles, I need the whole enchilada re: the Voile attachments. $?

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