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    Hey community!

    He’re my 2 cents worth on why Chris’s decision to go exclusively with WordPress based forum was a sound move.

    1. WordPress has a massive development pool of expertise and support, its an enterprise class web system used by a huge and diverse range of organisations, its reliable and flexible and powerful and easily supported
    2. phpbb is very limited (relatively speaking) in its pool of support expertise. So if phpbb broke then its likely in my opinion that the forum could go down for week or longer. Yes a lot of sites use it but good luck to them if it has a major problem and try an employ a local guy who knows anything about it to fix it if its broke!
    3. phpbb attracts a huge number of spam robots and the tools to manage it are not as automated or off the shelf so to manage spambots is a ridiculously time consuming task at times, and thats not productive use of time. WordPress will attract bots too but the tools are better and easier to manage it.
    4. Long term WordPress based plugins like bbpress forum will be developed actively and regularly. So the features you want and perhaps new features will come. These are a lot easier to integrate into WordPress.
    5. on mobile devices the WordPress based bbpress is a lot more readable and responsive than phpbb

    This new site is really a step forward long term for the better of the forum overall and some degree of patience and tolerance and adaption is required to the new functionality until solutions are found. Its never easy to please everyone and I take my hat off to Chris for the effort he has put in to doing this work. Keep posting guys keep communicating keep the banter and the stoke coming through!


    Richard Harcourt
    New Zealand Splitboard Equipment Specialist
    Spark R&D | Fitwell Backcountry / Freeride | SPLITN2 Custom Splitboards
    p: +64 3 3266585

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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