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    Got out in the white stuff at the ‘Bird today. Hope some of you other splitters got out in it. Guess the avvy conditions are approaching sketchy for the BC, but I had a blast in-bounds.

    Talked to a guy with the O-sin 4807. Made me jealous. I need the split tail and the ship bow-like nose. The snow today was a bit wet (by UT standards). It was definitely an “East Coast” powder day, so it made for quite a bit of sinking.

    Wish I’d got that $99 O-sin off of Steepncheap a few weeks back. Oh well.

    Anyone want to sell a powder board cheap/know of a good deal? has the o-sin now for about $157. It’s never too late in the season for another board, is it?

    Oh yeah, the powder board would also just look cool on the wall if it never snows again this season. And looking good’s what really matters.

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    Not sure if I spoke to you out there or not Mofoco…I took my O-sin out for the first time at the Bird on Sunday. It rides a little different but is a real plus in the deep pow. The hardest thing to get used to is never having to lean back. Since it has a fairly small waist, my toes did drag a bit, but with some stance adjustment it could be mitigated. NOTE: Anyone ever use risers to prevent this???

    But riding the ST was a real treat. Its like driving a sports car on pow. You always stay on top and have phenomenal control. Other than the puking snow and zero visibility, the worst thing I could encounter was spitting the never-ending face shots back out of my mouth.

    Since the the winds and snow were beating me up so much at the ridge-line, I spent the afternoon down on lower angle terrain off Wilbere. I found that I could plow through lines that I would have gotten stuck on when riding my 163 wide. Also, I was impressed at the handling in the trees. She turns on a dime, but if I tried to slip-side towards the tail it would inevitabley jam in the snow and get stuck. I guess thats just more incentive to always charge through trees…

    All in all, the best $99 I ever spent on gear. However, I really have hesitations about splitting it. Its such a sweet ride for those sick in-bounds days where the BC pucker factor is a little too high. I wonder if most splitters would prefer a uni-directional board as thier “only” setup. Any suggestions are welcome.


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    Overhang/drag/risers, etc…

    I have the 4807 as well and love it for resort powder days. I too noticed drag issues and adjusted my angles accordingly. Since the board is directional, you can get away with a very directional setup to reduce/remove any overhang. I’m running 33f and 21r currently with u.s. size 9.5 boots.. When I ran less, drag was an issue in heavier west coast “powder”. The true blower stuff didn’t seem to affect ride…

    I’ve used risers on other boards, and I don’t think they would help in this case. Since you are riding through the powder even if you lifted your toe/heel an inch or two, you’ll still be getting some resistence. The 10-15mm of rise wouldn’t really help you out much, but that is just my experience taking other narrow boards into powder..

    As for splitting it, yah, I’d lean against it. I’m about to split a bi-directional board for my second split as I find having a direction split just doesn’t quite cut it for all backcountry use.

    Greg - NoKnees

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