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    Hey, just a quick-n-fun trip from Brighton up to Wolverine Cirque here in UT. Nothing too crazy, but a great way to spend a quick and lazy day. This trip was extra posh because my ski-patrol buddy scored us some one-ride lift tickets, which is a very cool Brighton backcountry feature.

    SO, we skipped the usual approach slog and rode the chairlift in comfort to the base of Mt. Millicent. We boot packed up that, rode down to a saddle, and skinned up the edge of the cirque to Wolverine peak.

    From there we dropped the chute to the left of center in the pic, with a little dip at the top.

    Also found a nice little cliff and some soft snow to air out the burton split on.

    Would’ve put up more pics, but the photo album here won’t let me, keeps saying files are too large even if they’re tiny. hmmm?

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    That Chute looks pretty sweet… what was the steepness of it?

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    Here’re some more pics, had to upload to biglines

    At the top


    That chute was pretty steep from there on down, once you rolled into it. Only about 8′ wide near the rocky constriction 2/3s down.

    Lots of other fun and hairy lines, but we just went to jump that cliff (out in the sun all day) and then headed out.

    PS. no pics of my touring buddy, as he was skiing on a randonee setup, which is just too boring to post here!

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    right on mofoco! sweet pics.

    The sequence one is cool. 8)

    ps. I increased the image size in the album from 64kbs to 640kbs. The limit it 10 per user though…I could increase that too.

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