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    What an EPIC! TR and road trip :headbang:
    I can’t find the words, it is my dream in pictures you posted here. :thumpsup: Norway is my dream place since 2006 when I was first time there.

    I have been to several locations you posted here this summer on our motorcycle trip through the whole Norway in July/August 2012 and I camped on one or two exact spots as you did 😀

    The whole time in Norway I was looking at the mountains and thinking, that’s a perfect couloir, that’s a perfect face, that would be rad to ride…. Norway’s nature and landscape is absolutely gorgeous.

    Me and my girlfriend we decided that one day we have to go to Norway in a camper car with splitboards… You nailed it!

    The weather was playing foolish also on our bike trip. This year was the worst summer in Norway for the last decade. We saw a lot of rideable snow on the peaks in august!
    Could you mark the locations where you hiked on a map?
    How did you get your stuff dry in that weather when you always camped? We had rain like 21 days of 24 and had to rent huts to get our clothes dry. Wasn’t it too cold on the humid nights in tent?

    It was a lot of pictures but I am the same way, if you want to tell the story you need the pictures :thumbsup: so I thik it’s OK 😉

    Once again, great trip! :bow:
    (and also great girlfriend you have 😉 )

    Skin up

    :clap: :clap: :headbang: :thatrocks: :drool:

    You really are a savage, that was a great TR.

    Not too many photos, just means it took me three sessions to look at them all, nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t need much inspiration but that just makes me want to split, skate to the bowl down the road or just tend to the vegie garden. Just stuff I stoke on.

    Appreciation and thanks.


    Okay, now that I’ve been mentioned so many times (once by name) I suppose I should chime in. The Russia and Norway trip with Snowsavage was my first ever international backcountry ski trip, and it was fantastic, as you can tell by the photographs and narrative he already posted.

    The weather in Norway was pretty awful the entire two weeks we were there. It was still an incredible place. Locals told us that May has notoriously bad weather. We got hotel rooms for four of the nastiest nights – two nights in Tromsø, one in Svolvær, and one at Riksgränsen ski resort in Sweden. The rain was in and out constantly. We just draped our wet clothes over our ski bags inside the car and they sort of dried out that way. I was never cold though. April might be a better month for spring skiing there with better weather and a little more snow, but might be worse for camping. I would definitely go back to Lofoten at any time of year for any reason. It is truly an astonishingly beautiful place.

    The couloir photos happened because there were a couple of times I did not particularly feel like charging up a couloir of unknown conditions in driving rain and high winds. I was happy just to take a nap in the car and take blurry photos from below. Besides, when you are traveling with someone for a month sometimes it is nice to have a little bit of alone time…

    Snowsavage calls himself a “straight up freak” so I guess I must be one too since we get along so well. I count myself lucky that I found a guy who will take me with him on such an epic ski trip. I hope there are many more in our future.


    Great shots, looks like an awesome trip!


    Thanks again for all the new comments. Again, Norway is just ridiculous. I never knew how good it could be. The folks who live in northern Norway have a very special place with endless, epic terrain.

    Skin up: thanks man, what little you said means a lot.

    FaDe: Nice to hear you are familiar with the territory. You were there soon after we were. We left June 4th.

    You camped in exact spots? Where at man?

    You guys definetly should go back with your splitboards, Norway is a splitboarding paradise, there is no doubt.

    Get in touch and I can help you with mapping out the runs I did and showing you other areas I discovered as well. PM me and we’ll figure something out.

    The rain was brutal. It just came down to sucking it up and putting on super wet clothes every morning to go ride. The only chance to dry stuff out was when we splurged on a hotel a few times because we were so wet and cold. We live in Alaska and we are used to getting wet while deep in the wilderness and not being able to get dry. If you want to avoid getting wet maybe go earlier in the winter when it snows instead of rains, but then it will be quite cold…the real solution is that camper you are talking about.

    Oh, and thanks “Pilai” for throwing in your two cents on the whole affair, there is no doubt that I am very lucky to have you to shred with. I dont blame you for not climbing those couloirs, they were hard work and it was very wet. I could never have gotten such cool pictures without you. :bow:


    Wow, just checked this out. Nice work SS! :drool:


    This is just amazing. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics and your narrative. My wife lived in Norway for a bit while growing up and always tells me I’d love it there (except for the food). Now I know why.

    Kyle Miller

    Redonk on soo many levels!


    Thanks for the additional comments guys.

    a2k, yep, the food program there was pretty bunk, you can eat ok and spend less money if you buy a bunch of processed camping food at the grocery store but we lost our asses on food prices; $40 for a shitty pizza, $30 for a hamburger (even at Burger King), and we even paid $7 for ramen noodles in a cup once because all the other food available at the restaurant was at least $50 a plate. :banghead:

    K-miller; cheers for the redonk!

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