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    Our friends at GoPole recently hooked us up with some sweet accessories for GoPro cameras and we’ve got a few things to give away to you as well!

    Rules here:


    I moved a little further away from the snow this year, but I’ll play. I made this video using my GoPro and a few other toys in Santiago Chile over two weeks around New Year’s eve.


    Can we post multiple videos?

    Here is my first splitboard ever video from November ’13




    Good stuff guys!

    Ed I like the horseback footy. 🙂

    Chef_Ben that pow looks sooo good right now! Feel free to post as many videos as you like.



    Ive been using my ski pole for the pole mount for awhile but those look pretty cool! Really gets you up close and personal with those face shots. Here’s my latest edit from the Canuck Splitfest in Rogers pass earlier this month.


    Tread light
    Shred hard!


    Bump and another video. I actually used a GoPole accessory in this one. The apparently discontinued 36″ pole.
    Warning- some ski content


    gitty up!


    having some tech difficulties…?


    The only dumps we’ve had here in MWV.




    hey is there a drawing today?


    Yep! number 2…which is you…won!

    Would you like one of the poles or grips? Gonna get a GoPro now? 🙂



    Could i have a go pole evo (the clear one), and maybe an arm?

    Yeah, i eventually lost the back to the contour while filming on my helmet. Made one up with duct tape and cardboard. After a season with the cardboard back it won’t respond when charged, connected to a computer, turned on or what have you, It just shows red lights.

    We got a go pro for an anniversary gift and been messing with it since august. Rigged up some extensions and things. but I’m having a hard time getting a comfortable pov.

    Mostly i like to have my front and the board in the shot with a helmet cam (like from the beginning of the J video) which looks sweet but often the viewers tilt their heads back trying to look up towards the horizon for the relative motion factor. In the J video i had three different extenders attached between the housing and the helmet, but when i fell it bent forwards and you get the lower angle shot.

    All the pole shots I’ve used are angled funny, too close, or pointed too far down (not used to holding the arm in the needed position). With the clear one, 4oz, i was hoping, like the tip video showed i can have the camera on the underside of the clear pole for a more comfortable and balanced/steady shot. The pole will still be pointed out, not perpendicular to the ground.

    I really like the 360 degree rotating arms that some of the filmers have used. the g force based ones that rotate around your head.

    I think that the video recording is distracting from the riding but i enjoy it so much on the off season and that is a longer season than winter. Plus my set up is pretty dialed-in so i don’t have much need/want of gear this year so videoing has been a good creative output, besides riding of course.


    wasatch surf

    I haven’t filmed anything in awhile but here’s a little powder edit from when I first got my gopro last year.



    Another one from the weekend.



    Here is a season edit from my 2012/2013 season at Mt. Baker. Lots of footage from riding the Shuksan Arm and Hemispheres.



    Whats the word on that second winner?


    Thanks for your patience guys!

    Chair 8 is our second winner! (selected using

    Chef Ben and Chair 8 please PM me your shipping address and your first and second choice products (limit 1 product per winner).

    Thanks for playing y’all, cool videos…and thanks for donating the product GoPole!


    I understand why you would randomize the winners, but with a video contest, doesn’t it make more sense to actually go based on the quality of the video? I still don’t think I would have won, but maybe its something to think about for next time? Its not too hard to put up a poll and let forum users vote on it.


    Thanks Ed.

    Maybe on the next one we’ll do a reader chosen or voted contest.

    ps. Hoping to get prizes shipped this weekend, THANKS for your patience!

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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