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    What you have to do:

    Step One: Like this video on YouTube

    The video is for an EpicMix commercial contest, I made it to the top ten and the winner is decided based on the number of likes on YouTube

    Step Two: Send me an email at letting me know that you liked the video.

    The backpack will only be given away if I win the contest, so also encourage your friends to like the video.

    The backpack is an OutThere USA backpack. Retail value $189. Great for day trips overnighters and more. There are straps to attach skis to the side, or a snowboard on the front.
    Check it out at:

    Regardless if I win I will still give away OutThere t-shirts and water bottles.

    This backpack is brand new and not yet for sale. The pack will ship at the end of May when the supply arrives.

    Winners for all prizes will be chosen in a random drawing from the emails I get.

    2 Posts

    keep liking, thank you

    also like numba 10 he is a friend and the pack thing will work for him too (he is doing a lot better than me)

    link for his:

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