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    I was up at Berthoud yesterday for good powder day. It was a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t expecting 16+” of light dry Colorado fluff this late in the season. I was testing out the burst function on my camera shooting my buddy John. He was coming down the steep section on the 80’s hit a big drift and well you can see the rest. I especially like the placement of his face in relation to the snow on the first shot.

    At least I know the burst function takes decent shots.
    John did get some good turns in btw.

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    Dam Gary,
    What day was that. It looks like you guys had great stuff. You heading up this weekend?

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    That was this past Tuesday. It dumped. I was going to try to go chuting on Berthoud Pass this Saturday. There are a bunch of fun drops that should be stable enough to do. Then again, it is supposed to snow on Saturday so we may have to scrap that plan and just ride the safe runs on the pass.

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    Good times….I’m Jealous

    Us weekend warriors are missing out on all the fun in Colorado this year.

    Maybe I can make up for it with my Silverton trip this weekend.

    Red MT on Friday, and Silverton on Saturday.

    Should be Epic.

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    Jimw sent in this short clip of his friend dan on tele.

    enjoy. 😀

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    Yep, that’s why I don’t tele! 🙂 That was taken up in the bowl on Roundtop last year. The tele guys were complaining about breakable crust, blah, blah, blah… seemed fine on the snowboard!

    OK, I’m sure I’m going to catch hell from Dan about putting that up. 😯

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    I’ve been cleaning up some old posts that had weird cryptic font’s in them and I came across this gem. Figured it was worthy of a bump. 😆

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    People still tele…?

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    @jibmaster wrote:

    People still tele…?

    Yeah, they stink too.

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    Holy bump Batman! bcrider dragging up the stuff from the early dayz

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