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    I was hunting around the net in search of some info on a used Nitro Swallowtail 178 I just picked up and I found this:

    Anyone ever ride one of these?

    Pics, specs, instructions, here:

    It’s “” so the links can be sketchy at times. Anyone know if it’s possible to harvest the pages and store them somewhere permanently? It’d be a shame to lose this piece of internet history from the early days of splits…

    And related to my reason for stumbling on this, does anyone know if the Voile 178 Swallow was modeled on the 178 Nitro? Specs seem very similar…


    interesting tip connection 😯


    yes I did ride one of these. and sold ’em too as the Nitro sales manager back then.

    I will have more info to follow on this….. the first Nitro split came out in 1991, very similar to this one.

    …got to work on this “history of splitboarding” deal with ya BC Ryder

    surf on, KK


    I’m ready when you are KK. 🙂


    Hi folks! I’m resurrecting an ancient thread to ask about this board. Does anyone who’s ridden this board have any feedback on its suitability for a split noob to experiment with?

    I’m on the brink of purchasing a Nitro Tour that’s probably a few years older than the example linked here (1996 model). The base and edges look to be in good shape, and the seller assures me the split hardware is functional. I’m just looking for something that I can play around on, try out ascending, and see if I’m going to do this enough to justify a newer board. I wouldn’t do anything technical or even particularly steep on this because I’m not sure the hardware is up to it — it’s strictly just to get my feet wet with splitboarding. I know it’s an old board, but the seller offered a price that’s hard to pass up…

    Any thoughts?


    I have a 1996 Pow Pow 196cm……

    The funnest board I have ever ridden in the right conditions. Its like having my 9’3 Al Merrick Longboard in the pow.


    My first thought was hang it on the wall next to the other vintage boards and get a modern board to ride. But what the hell, ride it if the price is right. If you drop coin on a newer board and decide splittin’s not your thing you can sell the board. Splits seem to hold their value more than solid boards. I’ve seen people fire up the credit card in REI on a new Prior only to return it at the end of the season. Food for thought.


    There was a red one for sale at the Gear Exchange in Truckee just before Christmas. Might still be there. I picked it up…..way heavy. sweet ankle strap connectors though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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