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    I have been using my Phantom setup with modified TLT6’s on my Jones Solution splitboard for two seasons now. I run it at +18/-15, which is the same as my resort riding angles.

    At the resort though, where I teach snowboarding and end up riding 50-100 days a year, I am currently using K2 Thraxis boots (prior to that I had a number of different stiff boots of various brands) with Union Travis Rice bindings on a Jones Flagship and a Prior AMF. On those boards I ride everything from park to groomers to bumps to powder (both in and out of lessons).

    My problem is I usually blow through a pair of soft boots in a season, and by the endo f the season they are pretty well mush. I have been on the Phantom facebook page recently and rediscovered the videos of Chad Otterstrom and Ali Goulet riding them on jumps and rails and halfpipe. Which made me wonder if I should get another set of boots and binders for my resort riding so the break down happened slower and flex stayed more consistent.

    Anyone riding Phantoms and AT boots like that full time? Experience with modified boots in freestyle? Thoughts?

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    Interested to hear people’s thoughts as well. i would like to dump all my soft boot stuff.

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    yah i use phantoms on all my set ups, all the time.
    folks on the lifts find it curious.

    the boot shells should be good for 5 years or more, but you might have to replace the liners once or twice, still thats cheaper than a pair of soft boots. The plastic shells get better with age, IMO, they soften up, tho i don’t expect they will ever get too soft or mushy. I replaced a pair of intuition liners because the inside surface broke down after a couple of years, started giving me blisters, the new intuition/K2 liners i got should be better for longer, they have a better lining, and the phantom mod kit for the boots should help prevent the slop which broke down the old liners.

    one warning if you hit the park or airs onto hardpack generally, if you land hard and flat i think it compresses the boot sole, and the toe clip can pop open!
    thats only happened to me once with Phantoms, but also in the past with other plate bindings.
    you could fab a strap to hold the clips in place if that scares you…. i just try to land with my tail.

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    hey there @karkis just curious with what your thoughts are on the mod kit and the k2 liners, been riding for a couple seasons on lightly modded tlt6s. Been talking to pulse in revy about a new fit as I just started getting blisters after about 60 or so days on these boots. undecided on how far I want to go with mods at this point although the shells are in great shape, not much bootpacking. Also noticed the footbed of the actual shell wrecks havoc on the bottoms of liners under the ball of my foot, have you experienced this?

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    hi @boardinthepark !!

    i haven’t had time to install the boot mod kit yet… my boots are pretty well hacked up already, its just the rivet / buckle switch i need to do, i’m expecting that will make the buckle perform same same as the one on my One boots, which i like a lot.
    i’ve been digging the K2 liners.

    are you on the stock liners?? it sounds to me like you have some slop going on, to scuff your liners and blister your feet. 60 days would probably trash the stock liners, they’re kinda crappy. Kai at Pulse might tell you that your shells are too big, boot fitters are into ‘tight is right’ but on a snowboard we don’t need the same performance as on skis, and comfort is nice too…. the downside is that comfortable stuff packs out and gets sloppy over time.

    anyways, i’d go with an aftermarket liner, if you can get a thicker liner it can snug things up, and / or maybe add a flat footbed under the liner, in the shell, if your liners move around in the shell.

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    @karkis thanks brother much appreciated, been toying between a set of regular intuitions vs the k2s. Yeah, I am on the stock liners but I am definitely swapping them out shortly here. Yeah without issues for years I was laughing but I have now had blisters about 7 or 8 trips in a row. glad to hear i am not crazy about the fit as I have had a bootfitter tell me otherwise already with my finger and a half boot fit. i’m a 42/43 and use a mondo 27 and definitely cannot go smaller

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    Been using phantoms with Siderals in bounds for the last 3 years. I actually don’t splitboard at all. Considered getting into it a few years back but didn’t get around to it.

    The toe lever coming off thing is real. Happened several times. Especially if you knuckle a jump landing.

    I ended up fixing the issue by drilling 2 holes through the tongue and attaching a leash to that. Then on the toe lever, I drilled a hole near the top tip and fastened 2 metal zip ties to it. That’s where the leash clip clips on to.

    Also (and im not sure if this part was necesssary but i was paranoid) i epoxied a velcro strip to the toe bail tip and put the inverse velcro material on the toe lever top face. So once the toe lever is fasten down, i also fold the velcro strap down over it.

    Toe lever hasn’t ever come off since. I might try getting rid of the velcro thing to see if just the lease is good enough.

    I’ve also used the siderals before and after mods and the mods do really help a lot. Especially the ones with the side slits that give you more lateral flex.

    The best thing about AT boots is the fit. I have unusual feet that’s really wide in the front and very narrow in the heel. For the front , i had the width punched out several times. For the rear, my Zip Fit liners hold my heel down better than any J-bars ever did on soft boots. Zip fit is liner that has a unique cork compound in the heel which re-molds to the shape of your heel every time you put it on. If you’re getting AT boots, definitely get them punched to your foot’s shape. if you ever had heel lift issues, Zip Fit will fix that. And even after 3 years (ride every weekend), they feel exactly the same as day 1. No pack out whatsoever.

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