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    I have a couple of short tours under my belt and have always skinned with the straight edges on the inside. I noticed on a lot of the skinning pics on this site that everyone seems to be skinning with the sidecut on the inside. Are there any advantages/disadvantages of doing it this way?



    straight edge side should be out. I believe the main advantage to this is that it helps with any kind of icy traverse or side stepping as long as you have a board that has an inside edge (ie not a DIY).


    Also, having the curved side in eliminates the possibility of catching the hardware as the skis pass each other.

    If you ever try skiing in skinning mode, you’ll definitely want the curved edges on the inside for carving turns.


    Also any skier knows that you carve a turn primarily with the inside edge of your downhill ski. Having the curves on the inside edge help you turn when gliding downhill in ski mode.

    oh – just re-read Old Man’s post 😳

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

    Rico in AZ

    This topic lends itself to the job trimming skins.

    I used the trimmer that Voile sent with the skins. With that trimmer I could only cut right against the edge. I haven’t noticed any problems yet. And granted I haven’t gotten out as much a want to with the shitiest snow season in the SW. But I can imagine on an icy skin track or traverse, without the edges exposed this would be problem. So how much of the base/edge should be exposed?

    PS.: There are some good runs and snow conditions right now around Lizard Head Pass, south of Telluride. Some of you suckaz should have met me last week.

    karma surf

    Some of the older Voile boards don’t have centered touring brackets. These boards actually skin better with the straight edge on the inside because of the power transfer ability. Other than that, keep the straight edges to the outside. This will help with skiing in split mode, and it will keep the skin tip rings from grinding against each other.

    Ricorides trimmed the skins right. Wall to wall will give you maximum purchase, even on icy traverses. Keep the edges covered!


    I was told by and old timer to make sure your edges are exposed. given the amount of experiance he has, and the fact that people pay him to teach them what he knows, I’m betting he knows what he talking about.


    Try both in a variety of conditions and then decide for yourself which works best. 🙂

    That’s what I did and I came to the conclusion that I prefer the straightedge on the outside. Mainly for traversing (the straightedge bites better) but to also keep the tips from banging as karma surf noted.

    I’ve seen people do it both ways, pick whatever feels better after you try them both.

    Re the skin width. Its really condition and technique dependant. For powder skinning you often don’t use your edges and that’s where the wall to wall approach excels. The hairs on the skin grip the snow whereas metal slides right on it. Even on icy snow this fact is true, hairs grip, metal slides. Where you do need your metal edges is for traversing icy slopes. You’ll need to trust your uphill edge and know how to use it.

    Right now (powder season) I’ve been using a set of untrimmed Voile Tractor skins with a tad of skin hanging over the edges completely. 😯 My grip is great in powder but I would be hating it in icy conditions. I’m just waiting for another board to arrive before I trim these down. Rather than go wall to wall or leave both edges exposed I usually try a happy medium and trim them to one edge width exposed and split it between the two edges. This gives me nearly wall to wall but with a small edge if I need it. Just not two full edge widths.


    I agree with bcrider – try both, there’s no “right” way.

    For my first year or so, I skinned with the straight edges inside. I had many people tell me I was doing it wrong :-), but I actually preferred it that way, and that’s why the Chinese hooks fold in. I think maybe because my feet are closer together, and it seems like a more natural stride. And you can fit in skinny skin tracks a little better.

    Now however, I mainly skin with the straight edges outside, because I’ve become so lazy, that I like having one less thing to do on the transition (rotating the chinese hooks in or out).


    Sidecuts in, so you can ski.

    And bare some edge. A little slip in powder is much safer than a little slip on an ice traverse.

    Strawbilly Dave

    Actually try different things and make up your own mind?

    Radical thinking in the outdoor world these days.

    I’ve found I like the straight edges on the inside. The sidecut doesn’t help turn on the inside at all. You skid these things not carve them. It’s also fun to listen to some rookie rant on about how you are doing it WRONG.

    Freedom of the Hills man, do what feels good. Unless you snake lines and ski cut over people, you people should be nicer.


    Welcome strawbilly dave. 8) Are you friends with eric o?

    Re the “you people should be nicerâ€Â


    If you ever trimmed skins for skis, you know the directions always say position the skins 1/8 inch too much to one side and trim. Do this for the other side also. You want a little edge showing. It doesn’t have to be much. Just enough so the mettle is showing. An 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch sowing on each side is not going to effect grip and could save your life!

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