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    Hello everyone, first post here (but been lurking for a while).

    I’m about to buy a new board, which, for various reasons, won’t be a split.

    All I do is backcountry, though (with snowshoes) and since I know nothing about snowboards 😀 (despite 10+ years of “experience”), I’d like to get some advice on what to buy.

    Ideally the board should be light, even though it seems to me that it’s not a feature that the market cares too much about, on non-splits.

    Right now I’m on an Atomic Banger 162, which works fine, but it’s maybe a little too long, especially when going down woods/tight couloirs (I’m 173cm/69kg).

    I ride on any kind of snow (not a brag: I mean I don’t find only powder 😉 ) and I especially love steeper couloirs.

    Oh, and i live in Italy, if that matters.

    Thanks and happy hikes 😉 -

    Ben Reynolds
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    Try a Furberg Freeride 162. This board absolutely rocks in all conditions, especially in the steeps. Rides like a much smaller board but floats great and also holds an edge in steep hard conditions like no other freeride board I’ve ridden.
    I ride both the split and solid version.

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    Thanks. Unfortunately the Freeride 162 is out of stock 🙁 -

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    There are super many boards that would fit to your needs.
    In the end it’s all about taste — what you like best.

    Twin shape or directional,
    Camber, Nose Rocker (my favourite), Nose and Tail Rocker, Full Rocker etc.

    Some names, to dig deeper:
    – Prior Spearhead (super surfy, love it!)
    – Jones Flagship
    – Jones Hovercraft
    etc etc

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    Thanks. I know it’s mostly about taste. Fact is, i really know little about board design / construction, and so on.

    Oh, on the cheaper side would better 😉 -

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    Ride Slackcountry is a great board that stands to its name. Its a full rocker, flat between bindings, great for powder, bomber for chopped snow and can also handle groomers very well. Thanks to its highrize rocker it turns on a dime, great for trees, playfull. But because of the highrize rocker it is not so good in holding edge on ice. But overall a great allround freeride/backcountry/slackcountry board. I have the 2011 UL (ultralight) version with hemp topsheet and I love that board. Great for all conditions of snow except steeper ice.
    Great technology in that board…

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    Furberg,handles everything, pedal to the metal Board! Daniel really did a great Job,but you need strong legs to handle the grip..

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    Yeah, but it’s out of stock, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere, used or new… -

    Matt Wood
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    Head on over to your local shop and spend a day on demos. Bring along some beer or some green to sweeten the deal. Chances are you will have employees who are into different brands and will be stoked to push them. Just my :twocents:

    What’s with the snowshoes anyway?

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    @Matt Wood wrote:

    What’s with the snowshoes anyway?

    Just buy a split and you will be much happier and get way more chicks… :thumpsup:

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    Haha, not too many chicks on the alps 😀

    I use snowshoes because splitboard are f*cking expensive (60% of the reason) and because I’ve seen people using it, and I’ve talked with them (including my best snow-buddy), and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. It definetly doesn’t feel like using skis, (I ski too, so I know what that means). The bindings / shoes have some play, they don’t hold like skis when crossing hard / steep slopes. My snowshoes, on the other hand (MSR), work perfectly fine. Also, very important factor, I don’t wanna fiddle with screws/screwdrivers/small sh*tty parts when preparing to go down (like I’ve seen people do). I sometimes sink just a little more, but it’s not like I always hike in 1 meter of powder. And on the most technical spots I use crampons anyway.

    So there ya go, sorry for the OT rant. Back to board suggestions 😉 -

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    Take the 167, i have the same proportions as you…. the 167 turns like a 160 or smaller board

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    The Rome Anthem is a ripper if you are into a full camber board. It’s like a Custom X but actually durable and not way overpriced. Lots of carbon, poppy board.

    A couple weeks ago I found last years model brand new on ebay for $299.

    I’ve been on them a few years now. They changed the shape a little bit on this years model. Looks a bit wider all the way through… so not sure how it rides. And I’m not sure if I would like how it rides. I thought the old shape and specs were about perfect.

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    furbergs back in stock in US warehouse.

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    Ok snow-nerds, here’s my options:

    – Jones Flagship 158cm, 2013 (this model)

    Used, good conditions, 2,9Kg, €270

    – Jones Flagship 158cm, 2014, almost new, €430

    – Ride slackcountry, last year’s model (ths one)
    new, 20% discount €343

    – Nitro team Brian Fox, 157cm, last year’s model, this one

    new, 50% discount, €220

    – DC Devun, 157cm, last year’s model, this one

    new, 30% discount, €340.

    – Furberg Freeride, 162cm (still think it’s long…), new, €500

    – Rome Anthem, 156cm, last year’s model, or 2012, dunno. here
    Used, good conditions, €100 (!)

    Thanks, loving y’all. -

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    So in the end I bough the Flagship 157. It goes great in soft snow, but it’s given me some trouble on steep hard stuff. I actually fell pretty bad once, and some other times I lost control for one moment.

    So here’s the fact: I think that the board is a little too narrow (about 25cm below the bindings, boots are Fitwell 44) and that sometimes I touch the slope with my toes. Or maybe it’s just the shape of the board I don’t know. Anyway now I’m slowly looking for something that grips ice and doesn’t let go.

    Any ideas? -

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