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    Apologies in advance if this has been covered. I did a cursory search and didn’t find any answers.

    What are hardbooters using out there for rocking their touring boots inbounds? I’m aware of Voile plates with the One Binding pucks as well as Bombers, but am wondering if there are any other options, as well as opinions on the “best” setup for mixed-bag resort freeriding conditions. I don’t ride inbounds often, but I don’t necessarily want to be swapping out my Phantoms each time I do.

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    This is just my personal experience so it may or may not be that relevant to you. I have used Voile Mountain plates, Bomber Sidewinders, and Phantoms (Versions 1 and 2) while riding at resorts—in pretty much all conditions. At least to me, the low ride height of the Phantoms just feels the most natural (by a long shot). I really didn’t like the ride height/feel that I experienced using the Voile Mountain plates and the Sidewinders. Until the Phantoms came along, I was well on my way to converting back to a soft boot setup on my splitboards. I am a fan of both hard boot and soft boot systems so this wouldn’t have been a terribly hard decision. That said, I really do prefer the touring ease of the hard boot setup so I was extremely stoked when John started producing Phantoms (which I love).

    Would I prefer riding soft boots with strap bindings while riding inbounds? Definitely, yes. Soft boots and strap bindings are more comfortable for me, especially in torn up and refrozen snow, and I enjoy the feel and flex of soft boots. However, the difference between my soft boot system and my Dynafit TLT5s/Phantoms in most conditions is totally manageable. At this point, I wouldn’t hesitate to take my TLT5s/Phantoms equipped splitboard to the resort if I had a side county/BC tour planned for part of my day. I had about 5 inbound days on my TLT5s/Phantoms/Chimera Unicorn Chaser last year, and I had no regrets at all.

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    If you already have phantoms, just get an extra pair of the universal cleats John makes, mount them to your solid, and you can just unclick off the splitter and right onto the solid. Super fast, and allows you to ride and get used to the same system. John may be selling universal cleats separately, so you should reach out to him and see. If he can, it’s probably cheaper than a new binding?

    For me personally, I prefer soft boots at resorts as I find the phantom, hardboots combo a bit too rough after a lot of vert. I rode the phantoms at wolf creek once and they did well, just my feet cramped and was a lot harsher.

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    Nick- the Dyno DH, while it may be in its first year, is definitely showing promise. Maybe i’m a little biased, but we’re assembling the first run of them this week. I’ll post back here when they start shippin’ out.

    Best of all, they’re Tesla/puck compatible (canted pucks are recommended). And they’re definitely ready to be ridden in bounds.

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    F2 Race Titanium or Burton Raceplates will work well. They both have a more forgiving flex and aren’t too heavy. You might find a used pair in the WTB section on Bomberonline. Bola at All Board Sports probably has new ones. On a solid board, I expect you will get a better ride from a pair of legit plate bindings.

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    @buell wrote:

    F2 Race Titanium or Burton Raceplates will work well. They both have a more forgiving flex and aren’t too heavy. You might find a used pair in the WTB section on Bomberonline. Bola at All Board Sports probably has new ones. On a solid board, I expect you will get a better ride from a pair of legit plate bindings.

    I’ve got a pair of F2s I no longer use if anyone is interested.

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    f2s are great in some ways – stance angles, canting, but they are tall… quite tall. that gives you a lot of leverage on your edges but the trade off is a bit of stability.

    burton / ibex are lower to the board (7/8″ off the deck), which a lot of folks would say is crucial for free riding / shredding style of riding, but they don’t have any canting… almost a deal breaker for me but i accommodate by reducing my stance 1″, not ideal but good enough.

    phantoms are ideal, to me. Low on the deck (1/2″), with canting, makes em all good. i’m a bit hesitant to stomp around the resort on my alphas, but i did up cycle my old betas and i ride em full time, bomber for sure. i replaced the detent pin with a m6 fastener and instead of drilling out the beta board plate for the solid insert pattern (beta board plates only fit splits, not solids), i used the newer split / solid / diy plate, but of course needed to use the beta board tab as the locking mechanisms are not the same from A to B… the Bs were setup with M5 fasteners holding the cleats together (board tab on board plate, if i got the names right) so i had to file out the arc channel on the board tab to fit M6, which fasten into the newer board plate.
    photos in case the words made no sense….

    ibex on the right, phantoms left:

    phantom beta modded for solid set up

    if anyone has another pair of large betas i’d be interested in buying em. you’ll want to upgrade to alphas anyway right?

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots

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    :nononno: :nononno: :nononno:

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    jk Nick, you know I love ya!!

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    Thanks for the info everyone, appreciate it.

    And Cody, clearly you can see I don’t even know what I’ve gotten myself into. :guinness:

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    Props to Buells comment about Burton Race plates

    I have riding Burton Race plates on my resort boards for some time now. While hard to come by. I have managed to purchase four sets of bindings over the last five years on ebay. I bid and won bindings as low as $80 and a high as $125.00.

    Wife broke a toe bail so carry a spare.

    I also ride multiple boards with the same pair of Burton Race plate bindings. I am able to switch between boards easily with the Burton Quick – Disc.

    Of course I carry a lock and cable to slow the thieves, as I paranoid about loosing board or bindings or both.

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    FWIW I’ve done some significant inbounds mileage on burtons, and Dyno DHs and they both worked quite well. Karkis’s inbounds Phantom set up looks solid too.

    Swapping the Dyno DHs between split and solid was a breeze and the reduced weight is nice for traveling. I might not do this at my local hill, but then again I might.

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