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    I need help with choosing bindings. Dont have any experience in splitboarding. I wanna buy an entry level board, with one of those two bindings Union Expedition or Volkl Splitec alu. I just can’t find any info on internet about them. Maybe some of you guys got an experience or any suggestions?

    I’d be very thankful if someone will share opinions or just help with a choice.

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    there seems to be plenty of info online about the Union bindings. There is a two page thread on them in this subforum.

    never heard of the volkl bindings. they look very basic and cheap. if you’re looking for cheaper or entry level bindings, I’d recommend checking out the voile bindings.

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    Does Volkl still make snowboard gear? The Unions will be 40% or more off real soon. Here’s a review from

    “To be honest – i have no idea how this product made it past the prototyping stage. Sometimes when simplicity seems too good to be true, it is and such is the case here. Being a very experienced snowboarder and notoriously careful set-up’er, I have tried mounting the bindings 5+ times – slightly modifying the process each time, while doing everything in accordance with both Union’s manual and their how to video. The end result is that I would suggest that they the next time around spend less time making a yah yah bro brah video and more time designing a product that actually works.

    my issue with the product is rotational play, otherwise known as that feeling of your normal bindings being loose because they are. Well, with these bindings you get that play as a pre-packaged deal, but the bindings are not loose – there is just so much play in the system due to not close enough tolerances that now matter what you do, the play is still there. And, as the riders this binding is designed for – meaning hard charging freestylers and freerides making the occasional tour that are riding with lots of power and stiff equipment – the play is simply unacceptable and very, very noticeable.

    i would suggest Union either call a complete recall or significantly upgrade the supplied hardware, and if not – this product is going to be a potential branding catastrophe. There is a good and simple binding in there yet – they just have not perfected it or anything close to it yet. I do not know if it is the design that is just flawed, or if my pair is a part of a faulty batch – but something is not well in Rome…

    Also, the flimsy cloth cord that you are supposed to pry the pin loose with is sure to be a fantastic way of getting cold hands, as there is simply no way in #$% you will be able to operate it with gloves on after it has been squashed flat.

    so yeah, i am more than a bit disappointed in this product and would not recommend it to anybody, regardless of skill level.”

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    Spark (new or used, any model) or Voile Lightrail.


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    Thanks for replies guys.
    I ve red everything possible about U Expedition and it seems they need to improve it. I think i will go for SP bindings, since I have a positive exp with this brand, they use voile system and are just half price of Karakoram and Spark. Splitboarding is’t that popular yet in EU so it’s not easy to find a used splits.

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