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    Tim Ryan
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    I just recently discovered this site – Excellent! I’m glad to see it.

    Inspired by powderjunkie’s “One Track Mind” thread, but unable to contribute to it, I am starting this one. In the following pictures, can you spot the snowboard track among the skiers tracks? I bet you can.

    Any more out there?

    jive stick
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    Why shore.

    I’ve gotta couple.

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    Ok, these are not really too hard though.

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    Hi Tim,


    Your avatar is too cool. Is it a real plate?

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    That’s a real plate. Think I saw your truck at Loveland or A Basin a couple months ago. Nice photos, too.

    Tim Ryan
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    Yes, that’s a real plate. It’s pretty funny to hear people not in the splitboarding loop try to decipher it. “Splat bird?” “Spelt bread?” One telemarker in the parking lot at Loveland this winter got it immediately

    You probably saw it at Loveland – my son is on the race team there and we were there most weekends this year. Although, occasionally I do make to

    Here’s another one of my plates:

    And one more “Where’s Waldo” photo – although in this one there are in fact two boarders among the skiers:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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