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    Lets say a guy in San Diego has a few days off around thanksgiving. And lets say that guy wants to ride and hike . Now this particular individual has the normal commitments on Turkey day, but doesnt have to be back at work untill 6 am tuesday morning. And lets say this person doesnt mind long drives. Does anyone have any ideas for my friend?

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    Colorado’s got the best snowpack as far as I can tell. It’s 850 miles from SD to Silverton.

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    hmmm,yeah there is some good snow around the state. I’m sure it’ll get better by then too. Surely the southern part(Wolf Creek area) isn’t too far from SoCal. I know wolfy had one of their earliest openings ever so it cant be all that bad down there. Just remember that the southern part has the most avalanches and colorado is notorious for having a dangerous early season snowpack. But dont let that shit stop ya,go get some!

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    MT is loosing snow fast!!!!! 🙁 We are going to hit 60 today 🙁

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    Colorado is looking good, but we seem to be in a bit of a dry period right now. I’ll know more after this weekend. If the snow starts flying again, some of us were looking at Wolf Creek. Might be a good place to go, and the BC on the pass is absolutely amazing there. Some of the best in Colorado with plenty of options for all (except for dry, dirt riding) conditions. I’ll keep ya informed.

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    Bring a rock board though! The BC is thin in spots round these parts but still worth it. I’ve been getting great bc turns in all week. Just gotta be carefull and make more turns. I tumbled through some rocks the other day when I got a little over confident. My thigh is hurtin for certain! Wolf creek will probably have a good base by thanksgiving, they usually do anyways.You can also fly into denver and be at a lot of great areas in less than 2hours.

    Personaly, I would go climbing in joshua tree.

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    Well I will be hoping for a nice northwest swell or maybe camping in the sierra but I try to stay away from the desert or anything that looks like the desert. I think its from growing up in south Texas. I hate the Heat. And in the desert even when its cold …it stilll looks hot. Shit Im desperate, I may end up in British Columbia

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    Gotcha! The northwest might be a great option if they an early season dump. Maybe check out rainer ,baker, or hood. North cascades ntl. park is sick too. The volcanoes can have some great backcountry options up there. Not a cactus or coyote in sight either!

    I-5 is a long highway!


    The San Juan Mountains my friend. Silverton without a guide…serve that up! Plenty of gnarnia too. I would be there yesterday if I had a chance. Southern Colorado stylieeeee.

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    Where ever you go, I hope you find some and bring it back. If all else fails, let’s go surfing. I’ll be in socal and there has to be swell in late November. Right?

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    Snow is melting in CO…but the new terrain park in Denver is going to be knar

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    You’d be welcome here but….120 mi to the closest airport…snow is going downhill fast…although base on N. facing stuff should hold. Looks like the Wasatch is starting to fill out pretty good & the near-term forecasts look good there. So much access to great stuff & all only a few miles from the SLC airport – based on your time frame – could be a good option.

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    Looks like its going to depend on surf. San fran , if Im here we will go boat surfing if you want. PM me. As far as elsewhere, I wont have the cash for a flight on such short notice so its a driving weekend. I have my sights set on Salt Lake. I may be posting for some Utard guideing services as we move closer to turkey day.

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    Well I hope you find some snow, but I’ll check in as the day approaches…

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