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    Mine snapped like a twig today, under an hour on these bindings and Im already looking for parts.
    My foot caught the wire as I exited the binding in tour mode and it snapped. Need to get one ASAP in Hokkaido Niseko area but can travel.

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    Bad luck, never been to Japan but the only thing I can think of is contact Gentemstick. I think they have a splitbaord in their lineup and may be able to tell you where to get a pin. They’re not that far away either if they happen to have one.


    TEL : 0136-22-5581 
    FAX : 0136-22-5589 
    MAIL :

    Or a local metalworkshop? they may be able to bend something, you need 1/4 inch or 6,35 millimeter.

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    Going to guess that any of the dealers listed on sparks web page probably have one:

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    No dealers in Hokkaido unfortunately. Looks like Im out of business.

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    I am not sure if you are close to Paul but I know he does a bit of touring. I would hit him up.if he doesn’t have what you need he is pretty well hooked up in the shred world over there and would have a good idea where to point you.

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    Crappo. I bent my LT pin first day on mine last season. Never had a problem since but since then I always carry a spare w/ me. Too bad you didn’t invite me; you’d be shredding now.

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    You are formally invited LOL

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    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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    Send spark an email!
    They should be able to get one sent to JAPOW for you.
    I’m chasing it from my end.
    You will need to give me an address to ship to.
    I’d prob just go with SS pins as a replacement, no risk of breakage.
    You know how to contact me, I have them is stock

    Also I have BC kit if you want me to send?

    Sucks being stuck in Ozzie 😥 😥 😥

    Adam West

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    Already emailed them and posted this thread but no reply to either. Im kinda bummed. I also have a BC kit here but it has no pin, they should delete the rest of the stuff and just fill it with pins lol. Does a voile s/s pin work?

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    Voile pin is a no go.
    Steal the pin out of marks!!!
    Seriously let me know where I can send one, I’ll sort it out with spark.
    I can send one to Tora in Kutchan.


    Adam West

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    have a set i used twice then switched brands, in hakuba. if you can figure out a way to pay… make me an offer.

    other wise try ‘boarding company’ in hakuba

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    I am going to borrow Marks when he goes home in next week and replace them when I get home. Thanks to everyone who helped out. FWIW I am going to manufacture some stainless ones when I get home.

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    Related question..sorta. I just got a pair of Blaze LT binders, and they came with two sets of pins. One aluminium and the other feels like steel.

    Isn’t it as simple as using the steel ones as spares, or am I missing something here…

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    yep, you got it. no problem using steel Spark pins in the LT bracket. what you don’t really want to do is use the aluminum pins in a voile touring bracket.

    i think the OP’s problem was not having that spare steel pin, and given the dimensions of the Spark baseplate the old Voile pins don’t fit (probably too short)…

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    Mine were LTs and only come with the aluminium pins unfortunately. Those LT pins are too hard and brittle, they would be much better off being softer with a little bit of flex in them rather than snapping instantly as soon as any side load is placed on them.
    I have been contacted by a spark rep in Hakuba but I have the situation under control now.

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