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    I took a hiatus last winter but I’m looking to get back into things this time around. I’m a weekend warrior.

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    TIME to bump this shit up! Colorado has had some great snow this early, who’s out getting it?
    my go to shred partner started a new job schedule so Saturdays are free! lets get out and ride.

    I am:

    Prepared, motivated, dedicated, hungry, and timely.

    hit me up-

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    I’m on the colorado state splitboard team (unemployed) at the the moment. Bummer is the Jeep is in the shop getting a new oil pump and I need tires and some work after that to trust it again. Yada yada yada….

    Been riding Cameron quite a bit, nothing bad to say about it as long as you stay away from the Diamond on the weekends. Hoping to head to RMNP once I get a ride there. For some reason people like to ride C.P. over RMNP. Still trying to figure that out… Both are great terrain, but RMNP has a lot to offer from the Bear Lake TH.

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    @Norv wrote:

    For some reason people like to ride C.P. or RMNP. Still trying to figure that out…

    Because as crowded as CP gets on weekends, it is a ghost town compared to Berthoud!

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    I bet! BP parking lot is a total shit show , from sledders, families, tourists, skiers, Christmas tree hunters, and a couple people who probably shouldnt be there all together.

    How does RMNP do this early? I see lots of talus and rock in summer so I think they would need a bit more snow unless you go up high…

    CP sounds like a nice escape from BP 😆

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    @cometogether wrote:

    I bet! BP parking lot is a total shit show , from sledders, families, tourists, skiers, Christmas tree hunters, and a couple people who probably shouldnt be there all together.

    How does RMNP do this early? I see lots of talus and rock in summer so I think they would need a bit more snow unless you go up high…

    CP sounds like a nice escape from BP 😆

    I know some two-plankers who have been skiing the Park. They say its been good.

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    Meant to say CP over RMNP not or. I went back and edited it.

    Bear Lake TH is a great spot to start exploring. May still want your rock skis, but I’ve heard of people skiing Dragon’s Tail early season before avi danger is too high. The Terrain Park usually holds some good snow. I was skiing Hidden Valley two years ago around this time, no problem. RMNP has everything, man.

    Cameron has a lot, but it seems the quality for effort ratio is to high on the effort compared to RMNP. Built a jump up there Wednesday and it took a few hours to just get in and out. That was going back to were we knew the area, had a GPS and only had to set a skin track the last half. Still had some trouble trying to snowboard out. Access just seems easy at RMNP compared to that.

    Enough Beta…. Who wants to come up here and check it out, see what its about? I’m unemployed and would be willing to do anything from day to camping trips. Only problem is I’m currently stranded in the Fort until the Jeep comes back to life (sometime next week) or a new truck shows up…

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    Just pulled into the front range. Staying at a friends in ft collins right now and itching to get back on the split. No place to be and nothing to do but ride. If anyone wants to get after something I’m game. Your snowpack looks like hell but so does everyone else’s so lets ride some low angle trees or something.

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    Thinking of hitting cp or rmnp tomorrow or sunday if anyone in the fort is interested.

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    Yo, Living Up In Summit, Got Gear and Some Experience Down For Any Adventures Anytime.


    Have a few weeks off and looking to get out & after it conditions permitting. Hit me up here & let’s get out and tour! Snowpack has become much better stability wise and its dumping at my place right now. I have plenty of ideas that will be ready to go soon!

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    Hey everyone. I’m looking for someone or a group of someones to go riding with this week. My usual partners have to work and I’m off from the 13th through the 17th. I’m in evergreen, so anything along the front range, summit county, etc… is good for me. I’m in ok shape and can do 4k in a day, but anything more and I start to really suck wind and complain about my legs being tired. Game for just about anything this week. Looks like we’re getting a pretty awesome refresh this week, so please don’t make me play alone on mini golf terrain!!!

    I have splitboard (duh), avy gear and know how to use it (avy 1, but tour with avy 2 going for 3 and talk nothing but snow with that dude), have an axe and am comfortable on steep terrain, only problem is that I just switched to hard boots and don’t have crampons at this point. I have some basic rock gear and harness should anything come up although I’m fairly new to the vertical world and don’t know if I wanna venture there just yet.

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    Lincoln this Sunday 11/9 anyone? No idea on conditions, I was there in May but didn’t summit.

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    i’ll be in denver the weekend of 12/13-14: anyone going out and need another partner? sorry, i’ve got plenty of experience, but not in this area, so would go wherever you chose.

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    New splitter and newish to CO ready to get going. If anyone wants to grab any touring (since the steeps aren’t agreeing yet) hit me up. Weekdays are great.
    I’d love to get in on group rides as the season progresses to steal your knowledge. I can drive if needed. AND I’ll buy the first round!

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    What up everyone!

    I just got my first split setup (all I need is skins) and cannot wait to get out there! To say that I am SUPER STOKED would be an understatement.

    None of my crew who I usually ride with is interested (at least in shelling out the cash to) in venturing into the BC, so I’d love to meet some folks who are interested. I’m brand new to splitting, but I am in reasonable shape. I plan on spending the remainder of 2014 skinning at resorts to really get in shape and nail down my skinning technique in time for the peak BC season to start. I reside in Denver (Five Points), so I-70ish is most convenient, but I am definitely down to go wherever.

    I haven’t booked my Level I course yet, but I am targeting the Vail (Apex is the company I think?) backcountry course on 16-18 January if anyone else is thinking about getting certified. Holler if so!

    Anywho, just wanted to say what up and possibly meet up with some folks for some touring a little later this season. Cheers to the snow gods for a good season!

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    Checking in from Ft. Collins

    I’m getting stoked for the season. Getting a good crew together, bought some new boots, looking at some replacement poles today.

    I’m going to go up to CP to get some first runs of the season for me.

    If anyone wants to meetup hit me up though a pm

    I normally ride RMNP, CP, the ‘Boat, and the I-70 shit show. I got the RMSP this year for the chairs.

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    I am new here as well.. not new to snowboaring, not really new to BC either (snowboard snowshoer), but new to splitting. In descent shape, have necessary Avy gear. more interested in powder than super steep stuff at this point. Have some various avy class experience through many years, but not AIRE 1 yet (hopefully this December). Looking for safety minded partners to hike with and carpool from west side of town (Lakewood)

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    @DEAGOL wrote:

    from west side of town

    What town?

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    sorry: west side of Denver (actually in Lakewood)

    doing the AIARE 1 in December..

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