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    …HEAVEN on Earth, where else? Where that is, you decide.

    So I might not tell you where this is, but you can see where we’re going. Can’t you?

    Unfortunately, it took a couple of tries to attain this sucker…and I’m gonna show you both tries.

    Round 1 consisted of me and three two-plankers (mistake #1)

    As you could see, it was a beautiful bluebird day (here in heaven). Then the weather turned on us.

    and it got a little windy

    then we released this little sucker skinning up

    So we had a little pow wow

    and decided to turn around and live to do it again another day.

    Round 2:
    After a week of waiting around for the snow and weather to settle, it was time for another go. This time I recruited another snow/splitboarder…AND my trusty steed, the infamous sled/snowmobile. That’s right, I Cheated again!

    homobiling with the infamous snowsavage!

    Finally, entering the dragon

    time to climb

    and climb

    snowsavage, NOT SOLO, checks out a little rock drop

    Holy Sh*t! Is that the top?..I think I’m gonna puke

    Check out these views!

    …Where are we again?

    While gawking at the views, I punched through this hole

    …which made me want to puke again

    And Finally, Dropping In

    and riding

    snowsavages new karate move, the flying crane, he learned in Japan

    My Z Clanton impersonation

    …not very well done. Those self-portrait powder photos are a b*tch! Kudos to you Z Clanton.

    and one last look up the chute from hell, in heaven

    Wow, that was a long run with even more photos! Snowsavage and I shared my camera, passing it back and forth while leapfrogging each other. We took 110 photos! I did my best to try and limit this TR. Oh well, hope you enjoyed it! :mrgreen:
    by the way, where were we?


    A little more information on the trip here. I believe the Couloir itself is just over 2000 vertical feet of walled in bliss with another 1000 back to “civilization”. On round 1 we skinned for just over 2 hours to get to the entrance of the couloir. As we were nearing the entrance 5 -bilers pulled up and then skinned right past us. Seeing how we already decided that it was too sketchy to enter the couly, it was no big deal. But what a D*ck move anyhow! That’s when my 3 two-planker friends decided they need snowmobiles (“snowmachines” in Alaska) themselves, and I decided to come back with mine. I did realize that you do get to study and read the snow much better skinning than buzzing by on a sled… We saw shooting cracks and triggered a small wind slab on our way up while the -bilers saw nothing and were ready to just run up the couly with no inclination as to what was going on up above them. NOT VERY SMART. They did dig pits in the couloir after hearing that we were sketched and decided to turn around as well. Live to do it again another day.

    On round 2, we sledded up rather than skinning…20 minutes as compared to 2 hours! and starting the LONG slog up the couly fresh as compared to Worked. 2000+ vert of booting straight up does take its toll, I promise! Then my right leg plunged through that hole on top…and yes, I do believe it was a portal to hell! Stay away, Far Away, from cornices is the lesson I believe I learned. So that’s about it…unless snowsavage wants to add anything.

    Here’s one more picture of a cool spire just above and leading into the couly.

    PEACE! :mrgreen:

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