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    When I first started getting into backcountry snowboarding I was frustrated trying to find a good backcountry arsenal. I was hesitant to buy a splitboard cuz I was concerned w/ the performance. I was pondering using approach skis, mountaineering boots for crampons, snowshoes, whatever would work for snowboard mountaineering. Finally technology has made life for a backcountry snowboarder pure heaven. I bought a splitboard and was pleasantly surprised how well it handled in all conditions. I then aquired all the extra goodies that now leads me to believe snowboarders have an edge over skiers in the backcountry. I wanted to share my “ultimate setup” for any backcountry adventure and see what other people are using.

    Snowboard: Winterstick split 162 (wish nose was a tiny bit bigger)
    Verts (NEVER leave home w/out them!)
    Northwave softboots
    Drake bindings
    Voile ski crampons
    Grivel crampons for my softboots. Don’t now model name but they rock w
    2 ice tools: 1 lightwieght cassin ghost aluminum glacier style (lightest tool
    on the market I think) This is the one I ride with.
    1 straight shaft Black Diamond “black prophet” w/ climbing style pick.I
    like having a regular climbing style pick for ascending steeps.
    Poles: whatever as long as they’re collapsable. I have black diamonds.

    This setup allows me to do almost anything, but I am still looking for improvements and new ideas. I’m curious to see what other people use on a regular basis and why they like it.

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    Lately I have been doing more resort riding and off piste hiking which I usually use my resort set up, and the objective is cliff lines, natural hits and kickers, cornice drops, etc. So I’ll focus on what I would like and enjoy for pure backcountry which for me is more long tours, climbing mountains, endless pow turns, etc. Not sure on specific names just what I would like to see and have.

    Snowboard: Split myself, to reduce weight (no inner edge, not sure I need with tractor skins) and skinnier board(size 10 don’t need those wide boards) 165 so many good board these days don’t care just stiff and light and maybe a little less side cut than most resort boards. Iv’e found most the pros I know are happy to get rid of their bigger boards cuz they are riding ridiculuously small boards for everything these days (don’t get it, I can still jib my 164)

    Bindings: Voile Mtn. Plates I agree they look sketchy but I have put mine to the test and have yet to have issues, and so so light. If I do Ill go to the bombers.

    Boots: I ride Dynafit MLT’s right now. Lightest boot I believe I would like something just a tad stiffer, not much, but still light

    Other: Voile Split Crampons, Ice ax, Boot crampons, small rope all a must have.

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    My ultimate setup… well its quite different from both of yours but here we go.
    Board: Prior Khyber love the taper
    Boots: Burton Driver have riden this model for 5 years
    bindings: Burton Cartel
    Other: 2004 Summit X 151…. Will take me to the high country or super long access with no worries. Some days I’ll even leave the split at home and do shuttles laps. Most of my crew has a sled and touring gear so its made for a really solid crew.
    With the split and a sled you can get away from everyone and pretty much get up to stuff I only dreamed of riding. The sled can eliminate 30km approaches or can get you right up on to glaciers without walking for day.
    Without the sled, split boarding is way more peaceful and relaxing but I and my crew ussually roll with all our gear.
    We still do missions without the sleds but I find alot of our non-sled backcountry zones are getting overrun by people and the sleds can pretty much eliminate that.
    Don’t know if that is exactly what you were looking for but thought I’d throw that in there cuz I’ve never shredded way more pow now that I’ve got both.

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