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    karma surf
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    First off, thanks to all the splitters here who are helping to revolutionize bc snowboarding! Voile has been investing in more tooling, and in expanding our production capabilities. We’re working hard to offer better quality, and more selection. Thanks for your support! 😀

    The flex pattern on the Freeride and Mtn gun have both had some slight modifications. We feel that the majority of riders would be better off with a slightly softer Mtn Gun, and a stiffer Freeride. The first splitboard I ever had was the old blue flame 66. There’s a world of difference in performance of the older Freerides vs. this newer design. The new Freeride is an excellent choice as an all around board. We’ve also got a slightly different layup process that we feel will result in less chatter on all boards at the tip and tail.

    Here’s the new Freeride graphic for this year shown on a 166:

    Here’s the new Mtn Gun graphic shown on the 71:

    The graphics haven’t changed much on these two lines, but we have made substantial gains in our future ability to provide better graphics. The first board to benefit from this is the new 178ST:

    All boards are converting to black sidewalls with black bases including a new die-cut graphic on the base. Here’s the new base shown on the 71 Gun:

    And a close-up of the same die-cut:

    Keep in mind that all Voile splitboards are handmade in the USA!

    Our plans are to offer 2 new sizes in the Mtn Gun series, a 166 and a 153. We also plan on introducing a complete new line of boards with a completely different shape, graphic and flex pattern. We are hoping to be able to introduce these at the OR show this winter in Feb.

    The latest crampons to roll through production have also had a slight modification. They now have a beveled edge which offers better bite in hard snow:

    The new crampons will start shipping once we’re out of stock on the previous style.

    We have new ski crampons which I’m excited about, I love the simplicity of the design:

    I would like to have these available for the splitboard too. They work in fixed position only, but they’re smaller, and don’t require removing the slider track/binding to install them. I also don’t ever use crampons in the “mobile mode”, so there wouldn’t be any trade-offs for me. Does anyone else have an interest in Voile making these an option for splitters as well?

    Thanks again to all of you out there for your support! 😀

    😀 😀 😀 PRAY 4 SNOW!!! 😀 😀 😀

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    Wow looks great, now you have me thinking about a new Freeride board while I’m waiting for a new 195 ST. Any chance of getting a set of the new style crampons before the stock runs out of the old style? the fixed style loks nice too, real simple. Will Voile’ ever make solid boards again? I really liked my freeride board before I cut it.

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    arghhhhh…. black bases! NOW!!! that’s what I always wanted and what I recomended to the german distribution: “voile should make black bases!”
    damn… I bought a mtn gun 171 last year … don’t want to spent the money for a new one …

    the black bases look great!

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    I bought the mtn gun last year too. At least we can see the wax better on our white base when waxing……depending on what color your usin

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    I like the “fixed position” only crampons. I never use the current ones in the free heel mode. They make the stride to herky jerky and tend to bind here and there. Plus they don’t really bite into the snow if you are using the riser. So a smaller fixed crampon would be fantastic imo.

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    I’m with Killclimbz… I think the ‘mobile mode’ is pretty useless. I find that if I need crampons I usually have the heel risers up, which means the crampons won’t bite. I’d way rather have fixed crampons that I can install without taking the skis off & apart.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    THANKS for posting the sneak peeks karma surf! The black bases look nice and will hide scratches and colored waxes better. Cool to see a new logo too. Its also great to hear about the new Mtn Gun sizes and the mid-season new line release coming. 8)

    Thanks again for sharing! :thatrocks:

    Re the ski crampon debate…see this thread.

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    moving this post back for jive.

    @jive stick wrote:

    Having input on both the ski and board crampons, I’m with the lock down crowd. Crampons are useless when the heel lifts are up and that is when I want them. The ski crampons are not liftable.
    Burton crampons worked marginally well until I broke one. Did make it halfway up one hill with um. They were packable, a weakness of the Voile issue.
    Hope ya didn’t ride that new 178 at Alta, dj. It’s still a little boney around here..

    BTW, the board crampon is interchangeable lock down or lift. Switch the lever .

    jive stick
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    Wull, thanks, I wuz getting to that. Had to get even with karma surf,first.

    Scary Mc
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    DJ, thanks for putting up with my questions and for the fast service. My new FR 173 should be here tomorrow. LET IT SNOW!!!

    ~Scary (aka Gary Mcdaniel, The Junk, CO)

    karma surf
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    Well, we’ve been busy down at the shop again, working on our typical top secret frankenstein projects. We just ran a few prototypes, and the mold is now ready to begin cranking out some new cants. Yes, you heard right! 8)

    This is the first pair, ready for me to mount up and torture test, we’re just now sourcing out the longer screws. We should have these things ready to roll in the next month or so. They fit the universal pucks perfectly, and of course, we also have the split kit cants as well for those pucks. Here’s a couple blurry images:

    These cants have about 4 degrees of rise. Contact the guys at Voile for more info! 😀

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    Aw, come on Karma, you gotta give me a little more on that new shaped snowboard line talk…

    I’m a few weeks away from some new fat tele skis, unless I see a splitboard shape worth $750-$1100. $525 for some Insanes seems far more reasonable.

    So are the new shapes really worth waiting for this time? Give it up Karma Surf! 😉

    affix snow
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    Me want CANTS!!!!

    I made my own, but they are shoddy at best!!!

    Let us know when they might be availible!!!!

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    You MUST post up when those cants are ready!

    SO RAD.

    I will shitcan my homemade Tognar-lifted mounts in an instant for sure.

    THANK YOU (and Voile, for that matter — how fucking awesome is this?)

    Jon Dahl
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    Glad to see you doing cants. Is really needed. Some soft boot guys could benefit from it too. Next issue to deal with is a combined cant/heel lift shim especially for hardboot riders. If you guys could make one that was the thickness of two shims in the back and angle it down to the thickness of one shim in the front that would help those of us that like to ride with heel lift and cant. Close is better than none! Now, on another long shot, how about an adapter for the Dynafit toe piece to the pivot pattern? Instant bolt on and go! With those and the fixed lightweight crampon I’d have to mortgage the farm and get the Mtn. Gun. Might have to mortgage the farm anyway for all the goodies Voile offers…….

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    what are the Cants used for and where are they located on the interface? are they good for hard or soft boots?

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    give up the cants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @RidePowder wrote:

    what are the Cants used for and where are they located on the interface? are they good for hard or soft boots?

    Imho they are good for everyone who wants them … I like cants a lot when I use hardboots (like the old Raichle snowboarder/121).

    Something similar I build years ago … but of course, the Voilé’s look much better! 🙂

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    Hey karma,

    did you guys change the position of the touring brackets? My new 171 gun just showed up and it seems like the binding mounts for skinning are a little further forward, so it is actually possible for one of my boots to hit a puck when I lift a heel… That’s with a 22″ stance and 20 degrees front and rear. It seemed like there was more clearance with my old 166.

    Just a minor detail. Overall I am digging the hole spacing as my rear binding is almost 2″ more rearward now.

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