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    I’ve tryed all kinds of stuff: bars, cheese, meat, nuts. What have you got, BCR?


    I think I’ve seen BCR eat cream cheese in the BC. Nothing to put it on, just cream cheese. Wha’zup wi’ dat?


    I generally bring a big ‘ol fat sandwich or on occasion pizza. Along with a cliff bar or two, trail mix, etc..


    @knucklesplitter wrote:

    I think I’ve seen BCR eat cream cheese in the BC. Nothing to put it on, just cream cheese. Wha’zup wi’ dat?

    Laugh out loud. 🙂

    I’ll put my food list on here later. Looking forward to seeing what other folks eat too.


    They have these kick-ass pouches of olives with garlic at Trader Joe’s. I’ve been hooked ever since Phil brought those on a trip and shared.

    I always like to have some kinda smoked fish. Yum.

    Hummus and crackers go well together and are always easy to eat. Sometimes cheese too. Cheese + smoked trout on a cracker is a beautiful thing.

    Pastries are good, especially pain au chocolat. Chocolate is always good.

    Almonds and cashews both pack a lot of energy.

    There definitely ISN’T any gu, powerbars, luna bars, clif bars, or sports drinks. I like to eat real food.

    A sip of whiskey is really good on a cold, windy day.


    side of beef, bucket o’ lard and some saltines… just kidding 🙂

    i usually bring something i call a “backcountry brick”

      2 wasa crackers, cut each in half with a butter knife
      1 healthy shmear natural peanut butter
      1 light shmear nutella

    make a sangwich with them, repeat as many times as needed. they’re always a big hit so i usally bring 5-6 of these, bc i’ gonna be giving them away anyway.

    unlike std power/clif bars, etc. these hold up great at low temps (i bring them mtb’ing as well but they’re a little messay). great energy source. they are light and pack well.

    standard trail mix is usally on board as well.


    Salami, mixed nuts, jerky, chunk of frenchbread, cheese, pocket of jolly ranchers or other basic hard candy and the same two packs of gu that have been in my pack all season for use as a last resort energy fix… Nothing too creative… Just what I’ve had for years backpacking, biking, and boarding…

    Lotsa water…

    Greg - NoKnees

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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