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    @patroller420 wrote:

    If I did have that get-up I would show up like that for the next BC gathering. Horse and all

    Wonder how a horse would do on the Saddlebag traverse? Maybe you could bring your Zambonie in first, then follow-up with your horse. It would suck to have to carry in a bunch of hay though.

    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Getting into rockclimbing

    I started rock climbing in the North Bay along time ago. You been to Goat Rock yet? Super killer sunsets and sunrises with the Ocean as a backdrop. Amazing. Mt. St. Helena also has some killer routes. The Bubble and the Ganjas if I remember right.

    eddie murphy
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    @Ecobrad wrote:

    What the hell’s going on?

    The RENT!

    The rent is what’s going on!

    Jon Dahl
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    @powderjunkie wrote:

    Yo, Dahl, snoslut, and PNW crew. It would be cool to hook up and climb Helens or backpack in the Oly’s or meet for drinks (maybe not a good idea with snoslut 😀 ).

    Not bringing the boards though.

    I could be up for a hike, haven’t done St. Helens ever. Or tempt me to drag out my raggedy old rack and climb up some rock, maybe Index town wall would be good, I remember some stuff on the lower town wall that is trad, and my cams need a good workout!

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    Hey powderjunkie, I’m going to need to do some training hikes around here pretty soon. I can show you the goods on Mt. St. Helena.

    oh, and if you want to ride, I got the best singletrack in the state in my backyard. I’ve built many of them. sshhh… don’t tell anyone 😉

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    not that I’m a regular here, but I may as well talk smack.

    hanging out on the Tibetain platue mountain biking, planning a scouting trip into Western Sichaun and Xinjiang in early winter to scout lines for possably next march. anyone down?

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    Thanks All,
    I’m stoked on the finished product. Many years of dreaming and a lot of hard work this winter/spring made it come together. Now I have to figure out how to empty my guest bedroom of books!
    can’t wait for the snow to fly again.

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    Trying to finish a project – stone facing some pillars on our new deck. Since I’ve never done any kind of masonry work ever its been long & tedious but……maybe today?? Cool thing is all the stone was gathered from an area I regularly ride in winter.

    Hey any of the MT ppls going to the “rockin the rivers” concert at 3 forks in Aug? I wanna come down for the Sunday concert.

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    Yo, Dahl, snoslut, and PNW crew. It would be cool to hook up and climb Helens or backpack in the Oly’s or meet for drinks (maybe not a good idea with snoslut ).

    😈 :mrgreen:

    Hey I’m down for whatever. When you make it up here look me up! Think I already pm’d you my cell.

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    Glad to hear eveyone is making the most of the summer.

    Sweet book Drew. I had to buy a copy for my tele-buddy Franz, who lives in upstate NY. His last name also happens to be Haas. Also had to get one for myself! Though I doubt I’ll be out to the “high peaks” 🙂 out there anytime soon…

    Eco, you think I would go to Whistler and not post a TR? What’s gotten into you?? 🙂 That trip hasn’t happened yet. It’s coming up in a few weeks. I have been practicing though…

    Things have been crazy since Mem Day, otherwise I woulda crammed in a few more trips. I moved to a new place in Aptos, and realized that I have WAAAY too much stuff. This past month has been the month of weddings. Seems all my friends are getting married. Here’s Franz’s wedding, with yours truly as the officiant:

    Betcha didn’t know I’m an ordained priest… in the Church of the Seven Day Adventurists!!! 🙂

    Then my buddy from the music world Darryl (in the bitchin’ orange shirt) got married, and there was much music making at the reception. I’ve got that “who farted?” look going on… also known as “jazz face”.

    But the real news is that I’ve been working on a top-secret new product with p420. I’ll probably get in trouble for leaking (so to speak) info about it, but what the hell. Forget releasable bindings, we’ve got the product that EVERY backcountry traveller needs. That’s right…

    Shart Shorts ™!

    Here’s a product tester (name witheld) after completing a successful mountain bike trial of the product. And yes, it successfully retained “product” as well…

    More details forthcoming at the appropriate time. We will be accepting pre-orders.

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    Smooth drop JimW! Your bike sucked that up like nothing.
    The woods look sick where ever that is. 8)

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    That’s Santa Cruz, man. Sweet redwood forests. Lots and lots of s/t with many jumps and drops…lots that are too huge for me. We’ll ride there sometime.

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    Can’t wait for the Whistler trip report, JimW.

    Was anyone slain?

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    mtnrider, you and Eco need to make a trip out here to the backyard. Some amazing trails back in there. Eco probably knows more of them than I do! And lots of fun stunts to hit of all shapes and sizes. We measured that drop around 14-15 feet, but it’s super smooth. Just a mind trip. The Demo 9 just sucks that stuff up though! 🙂 Here’s a couple crappy stills from some digital camera video, tackling my latest nemesis, the big double on the local jump trail.

    Note the conspicuous absence of a landing photo…

    You guys going to the Downieville race? Should be fun.

    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Was anyone slain?

    Nope, just the cake:

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    @jimw wrote:

    Shart Shorts ™!

    Oh, I almost forgot. Lest the backcountry babes among us should feel neglected, fear not! We have you covered (so to speak) as well! We’ve been simultaneously developing a female-specific version of the product:

    Shart Shorts For Her(tm)!

    Here’s “Brenda” (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent) testing them out on a recent mountain bike ride. I think she likes them! 🙂

    That is all that I can disclose about the product at this time. Contact me off-list if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester.

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    @jimw wrote:

    Eco probably knows more of them than I do!

    I dout that but the one’s I do know are m’fuckin kick ass!!!

    Your a freakin animal dude. :thatrocks: :thatrocks:

    Repeat!! :thatrocks: :thatrocks:

    @jimw wrote:

    Note the conspicuous absence of a landing photo…

    Yep, jumping is the easy part…if it weren’t for those pesky landings. I had a foot slip last weekend and raked my balls on my top tube. 😯 😯 😡 😳 🙁

    @jimw wrote:

    You guys going to the Downieville race?

    Nope, we’ll be up there Aug. 2-5 or something like that. Four days of riding, swiming, relaxing and all that other good shit. I just hope it freakin cools down. Your more than welcome to come join for a day or all four.

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    Love the product Jim. Wish I could have had a set up at Shasta last weekend. Maybe we should work on a pair with an enlarged”pouch” for longer trail days. Wow, that freaking wedding looks cool. But, being in upstate New York thats probablly the normal attire.

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    @patroller420 wrote:

    But, being in upstate New York thats probablly the normal attire.

    HEY NOW! Let’s watch the upstate NY slams. I’m from Massena, the REAL upstate NY. Actually, you know where Affix proposed? That is where I went snowboarding for the first time. I think they call it southern canada if you’re from the NYC. I’ve never seen anyone dress like a pirate before.
    Now if you really want to know, pull some clothes out from 8-10 years ago and that is the current trend. 😆

    If I can pull it off, I might try to make an extra trip up that way Jim.
    Can’t wait to hit up Downieville…YEEHAW CLEATUS LAVARNWAY rides again.

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    You guys do some cool stuff in the summer.

    I plan on cleaning out the garage, organizing my closet with a new closet organizer and re-arranging my kitchen utensil drawer.

    I wanna make a tool wall in my garage with pegboard and outline all the tool shapes with a black pen so I know just where to hang the tools.

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    Be sure to post a TR! 🙂

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    I’ve had the entire month of July OFF!
    Unfortunately, I had to sit around and wait for the surgery date (july 18) for three weeks with a floppy, useless knee. Ever since then, I have been sucking down pain killers and wine. This is the first day since the 18th that I have been able to skip the pain killers. Got my second day of physical therapy on Tue. Will be on crutches for the next 5-6 weeks.
    Full on acl replacement w/alograft and they pulled the pin out of my tibia that’s been in there for the last 12 years from the original injury at Solitude back in ’94.
    It feels good to be back in reality. Although, I am amped to get my leg out of the straight brace and back on my mt. bike.
    God, I went through my wine collection like it was the end of the world!

    It’s good to see TR’s from Shasta. I would totally have been there… 🙄

    Hope everyones summer is rockin’!
    Looking towards next season!

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