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    These days, many boots are made out of grilamid.

    Sofar had no success finding a source for sheet grilamid for my own DIY hardboot projects.

    Looking for an alternative plastic which I can use to make my own cuff designs.

    Found these:
    plastics intl
    and these:
    the plasticpeople

    Beyond me which of these (if any) could work.

    Any ideas?

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    I think it could be really hard to heat and try to bend plastic sheet into any usable or imagined shape. The plastic cuffs are all molded into shape with liquid plastic and molds are heated pressurized big expensive things. I think the direction for making your own parts like a cuff is to use fabric and epoxy resin into a mold into a vacuum bag. Still pretty time consuming, but not very expensive.

    Do some searching for videos on vacuum bagging parts and making molds. There are a lot of videos about resin infusion, but it would be overkill for starting out, hand layup or wet layup is fine. Composite parts don’t have to be really stiff carbon either. you could use all fiberglass or one or two layers of 6 ounce 2×2 carbon with layers of E fiberglass or innegra or something like that on the outside to add flexible durability.

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    Not sure all that is necessary to get a good result.

    A plastic would have the advantage of working in both direction. Pull and push. As opposed to a strap which only pulls.

    Wasn’t planning to make a complete cuff, just parts. Something like the inner part of the dynafit highback. Those kind of things.

    For creating new cuff the easiest, before laminating your own epoxy and whatnot is probably to chop other boots.

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    Oh I got it, agreed.

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    Hey Dan, what are you aiming for? I´ve been thinking about the same thing, to modify the “middle” part on TLT-6. I feel it should be taller, but also some sort of adjustable stiffness would be really nice to have. Remember the ca. 2003 Burton Missions, which had changeable rubber parts on the highbacks? Something like that. Also, ofcourse, forward lean adjustment could be incorporated into the middle part. I´m just too lazy to get anything done 😀

    I don´t feel grilamid is the best option in general, it´s just what we have available now. I can definately feel it getting stiffer in cold. Although, I would guess the middle part is not even grilamid, just the lower shell?

    I´d have a look on 3D printing, not on the one at the local library, but proper industrial stuff..

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