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    Hey guys
    Looking at getting a new pack in the 20/30L bracket and wondering what to buy. Currently using an AK pack which is probably 8 years old.
    Like the look of the Osprey Kode 22.
    Needs to be able to carry everything I might need in the high alpine.
    What packs do you recommend guys?
    Cheers 😀

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    I have the Dakine Pro II pack and like it (27L).
    I just scored a BD Outlaw / Avalung pack for buddy; 2013 model for $130 shipped. hard to beat that pack and deal…

    Its $159 now (w/o coupon) but still in stock and still a good deal.

    PM sent

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    A pack with wings that deploy once an avi is sensed..

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    I have more BC packs than I care to admit to, and by far my favorite is the Deuter Freeride Pro series. Bomber, great pockets, great board carry options, great harness. The only downside was that the shoulder straps were a little short. It does not have any Avalung or ABS options though.

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    Haven’t seen any Deuter packs Philip. Will check them out! Do like the Dakine packs and a lot of people rave about them. More research I think.

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    Check out the Jones packs. I used one all last season and really liked it. PRetty bomber construction with spectra fabric and some nice features.

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    2nd on Deuter. And the dakine pro 2 I used for a few years and I liked overall for pack design. The only complaint I have is it doesn’t carry weight very well, and when you strap on your splitboard to boot up a couloir, you feel the weight on your shoulders. The Freerider Pro 30 carries weight much better so I liked that pack more. I would continue with the Deuter this year, but got an ABS pack. Haven’t found a zip on I liked much so far.

    My other recommendation is to not go 22L option. While that could work for sidecountry, any backcountry days that are bigger it will be too small. I always bring repair, first aid, and a puffy on backcountry days, and I think that size is too small. And once you start bringing things like crampons / harness, you certainly have no room. I’ve liked 30L as my size for all days. I don’t bring mountaineering gear much.

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    3rd for Deuter. They will have to pry my Glide 35+ from my cold dead hands, love that pack. Also very happy with a Guide 45+ and a Contact 65+10 for other pursuits. Really holding up well after lots of use/abuse.

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    My sled/shred/day trip/light over night pack is the Black Diamond Outlaw avalung. It’s like a 30L pack and I absolutley love it. After a full season and a summer it still lools brand new. I dig the intagrated avalung, hydration compatibility and how much shit i can pack. My big pack is a Deuter Guide 65+, very big and very comfortable. Both lacks fit me very well and do not cause me any pain on stupid long days.

    I also have a old school dakine heli pack 18L and a newer heli pack that is like 12L that I use on occasion for resort freeriding or sled trips. The dakine packs are awesome, but they really just are not nearly as comfortable as some other options. I really like osprey packs, they are very light and comfy. Someone else said not to go 22L, I fully agree, 30L minimum up to a 35/40 for touring days. You can always sinch the pack smaller, you can’t make it bigger!

    Head down to your local outdoor shop and speak with a tech about packs and try some on, you will never gauge a fit by looking online. If the shop is very helpful, support them by buying local. If they suck, as some do, then buy through a core site like this one 🙂

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    The Osprey Kode series is great. I’ve got a Kode 38 and really like it. If I were you I’d get the 30 instead of the 22.

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    Ski packs are too small.

    Why do they make them fixed lengths?

    I use a Kestral 48. its a nice pack but lacks in snow specific features.

    The ability to move the torso length with their velcro shoulder harness adjustment is obvious, but no one makes that type of adjustable winter pack. (Except Mystery Ranch)

    But even the MR packs go from the small 24 L volume to a sensible 43 L, and the Avy Bag Blackjack pack is more than i need. I spend my time in NH Appalachian range, an airbag is excessive.

    I always bring repair, first aid, and a puffy on backcountry days, and I think that size is too small. And once you start bringing things like crampons / harness, you certainly have no room.

    Summersgone is right on, always travel prepared, then there is less stress when your out there.

    Layers, Bivvy, 1st Aid, Avy Tools, Water, Food, & Maintenance this stuff adds up and these packs that i can’t adjust to sit just above my hips with the weight distributed correctly are ill-designed. It just doesn’t make sense that a company wouldn’t want to be able to cater to each one of our individual spines so we can be as happy and healthy when were out there.

    Does anyone have experience with the Mammut Spindrift Guide 45 L pack? This is adjustable to 3 different sizes, but i haven’t got my hands on it yet.


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    Lots of great advice here guys, thanks!
    I am getting drawn towards the Kode 30L as I can buy local to me and check out. Would like to have a look at the Jones but still not many people selling here in Blighty.

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    I’ve had dakine packs for years, and this year decided to switch to the osprey kode 38. It carries much better than my old dakines as I have a long torso and osprey offers a L version that fits nice. I like the way the hydration is integrated. It has a huge avy pocket(maybe too big). My only complaint is I find the dakine packs have more handy little pockets that can be dedicated to different things.

    I was also interested in the mammuts and deuters, but had the kode on sale. Don’t get smaller than a 30, packs compress well.

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    +1 for the Osprey Kode 38.
    Pretty happy with mine besides a few snapped buckles and some parts of the ski carry but hopefully that can be fixed.

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    Throwing my 2cents in – I’ve got an ortovox pack, and it is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my back! It’s a 22l and big enough for a day but not much more, and the spine protection is a bit of a bonus.

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    @Draizuh wrote:

    +1 for the Osprey Kode 38.
    Pretty happy with mine besides a few snapped buckles and some parts of the ski carry but hopefully that can be fixed.

    x 2 on the buckles

    Sold a few of these and the A frame carry buckles last one tour :nononno:

    Repalced with buckles that are replaceable in the field

    Adam West

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    I’m rockin the older BD Convert Avalung 32 but of course it modified!

    Day trips only, with all the safety gear for the tours.

    I can carry 2 axes and 2 whippets and my shovel pole on the outside in a secure manner.


    more detail

    After spending a few days touring with Mr Miller I like the First Assent Alchemist® 40 Pack


    Adam West

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    Really like the look of Deuter’s Freerider Pro packs and think I will get one of these. Plus they sell them in my local village. Happy days!
    Thanks for all your advice guys.

    Martin :thumpsup:

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    The Deuter Freeride Pro is a great choice. Best day pack I’ve owned. Best of luck with it.

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