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    Hi men

    I allways ride with AT boots, i know they are not the best feel but i ussually spent 3 hour skinning for half hour sliding …so i prefer be secure and efficient on skinning/climbing

    I also used mountainering boot but my feet feel quite unprotected on the descent.

    I have found this

    They seem to be a mutant between an AT boot and a mountainering boot, has anybody used them? …what do you think?

    thanks a lot, winter is near, we must be ready 8)


    Jon Dahl
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    I think if you could put a buckle on the cuff, that may be a very good option, especially if you climb a lot. I am going to have to look for those here to do some testing.

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    thanks Jon
    my mountainering boot has a buckle on the top to press in the leg, but the ankle is not fixed, it provides very poor solidness… its no problem on powder or spring snow but not proper for hard snow.


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    I’ve heard that these are hard to snug up tight enough. it was recomended to me to go with the tlt instead…

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