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    I just got my board back from being split, a dynastar SUP, and I’m leaving for a 5 day trip to the Chic-Chocs up in Qubec this coming weekend. So I’m wondering what people bring with them on a long tour/trip as far as a repair kit? I have the usual stuff like extra binding straps and all, but was wondering about any split specific type stuff. I’ve always done all my BC riding on a solid board and with snowshoes so any help on info about anyother good split tips would be great. I’ll post pictures of the board when I get some photos.

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    At least one extra pin for the sliders. Just a thought.

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    Duct tape, multi-tool, extra slider pin (for Voile), extra screws. Never had to use them on the Voile hardware though. Check your screws’ tightness every once in a while, especially before a long trip.

    First aid kit and a blister kit are also good ideas on longer tours.

    ‘Course I’ve used duct tape on blisters too 😉

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    zip ties, rub on wax. My repair kit got downsized once I got on Voile hardware. 😉

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